Concert Review: Thicker Than Thieves

Thicker Than Thieves performed at Gallagher's Irish Pub this past week.

Thicker Than Thieves performed at Gallagher’s Irish Pub this past week.

By: Juan Barragan
Thicker Than Thieves
Gallagher’s Irish Pub
October 10, 2013

It was Reggae night at Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Ocean Beach, and the crowd that night was ready to enjoy live music to serve as a prequel for their weekend. That’s where Thicker Than Thieves came in to fulfill the need for Reggae music from the local Ocean Beach community. Thicker Than Thieves is a band that consists of members from California, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Together, these different backgrounds influence the music that is generated on stage.

The set started off with one of the band’s older songs, “Not Alone,” that made the crowd slowly but surely start dancing along. The infectious bass line on this song meshed well with the guitar solo that was featured at the end of the piece. The band featured a couple of songs from their EP, Storm Will Pass, which showcased the newer material of the band. One of these songs was “Storm Will Pass,” and this was one that got the crowd dancing along for the rest of the set.

What makes Thicker Than Thieves unique are the distorted guitar riffs that are present in most of their songs. These heavy riffs accompanied with the band’s work on keyboards make for a very interesting combination. The crowd got to hear “Lying To Kick It,” off of the band’s debut album, Thru Thick and Thin, which served as a perfect example of the band’s signature sound. The band played some heavier songs near the end of their set that had the potential to make the crowd mosh a little bit.

Thicker Than Thieves is currently on an international tour that will span many states in this country and also some in Costa Rica. They are also working on a new album with the help of the infamous Sublime producer Michael “Miguel” Happoldt from Skunk Records and Louie Richards from 17th Street Recording Studio. Although it’s quite a drive, you can catch a Thicker Than Thieves show on November 9 in Long Beach at Dipiazza where they will share the stage with Perro Bravo. This will be the only somewhat local opportunity to see this band live for the rest of the year.