Concert Review: Through The Roots

The Through The Roots crew perform on the last show of their current tour in San Diego.

The Through The Roots crew perform on the last show of their current tour in San Diego.

By: Juan Barragan
HOB San Diego
22 September, 2013

Through the Roots is an Electronic Reggae and Rock band from San Diego and they have recently finished touring all across the nation with famous acts like Iration, Fortunate Youth, and Micah Brown. The band was on tour in support of their new album, Take You There. The band decided to wrap up their tour in their hometown at the House of Blues in Downtown, San Diego. Even though the concert was held on a Sunday night and people most likely had commitments such as school or work the next day, the venue was quite full.

The band took the stage late in the evening, and opened with “All of Your Love,” from their new album. This set the mood for the rest of their set, as this song was extremely upbeat and gave the crowd something to move their feet to right from the start. The band gave the crowd their all, moving and dancing to the music all across the stage, pumping up the crowd as a result. In honor of the weekend that was about to end, the band then played their hit song, “Weekend,” from their EP, Here To Stay. Shortly after, they played another song from their new album, “Dancing in the Rain.” This was another one of the songs that the crowd couldn’t help but move along to. The catchy beat and electronic riff on the keyboards that this song features makes the song really interesting to listen to. A very special addition to the set was the song “Higher,” which is a more mellow song that encourages people to come together in order to stay positive. The breakdown of this song was an extremely powerful prequel to the very last chorus featured in the song.

Through The Roots brought with them a horn section that accompanied several songs such as “Best Friends.” Also special was the cover song the band played halfway through their set. The song was Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” and the bass line on this song has the potential to test any bassist’s skills due to its level of difficulty. However, the song didn’t appear to be much of a challenge for bassist, Ross Garcia, who not only played the whole song flawlessly, but also added his own bass solo that made the whole composition turn out extremely well. The band ended their set with “Zombies,” the title track off of their EP. The band’s signature electronic sounds flowed well in this song, and the crowd expressed their approval by dancing along.

Through the Roots certainly left a very good impression on the Reggae community with the release of their new album this past summer, and their live performances always get the crowd moving. For this reason you should definitely check out this band’s new album, available through traditional online music stores.