Concert Review: Tiësto

Tiesto's upcoming album and tour theme, Club Life: Vol 1. Las Vegas


By Kathryn Zambon

Valley View Casino Center
October 2, 2011 

Late Sunday night, DJ Tiësto blew the minds of fans that traveled from all over the world to join in on the College Invasion tour. Nineteen-year-old Porter Robinson opened for Tiësto and got the crowd ready to party with his insane mixes that didn’t need a lot of flashing lights to make the listeners get excited. His background portrayed current Tweets written by people in the audience and everyone had a chance to get their Twitter on the big screen showing their hype and love for the infamous Tiësto.

The Valley View Casino Center’s main floor was packed so tightly that if you put your hands in the air, they were going to stay there for the next thirty minutes. A friend of mine made his way to the front and had the time of his life! People were definitely enjoying themselves. Tiësto’s heavy bass and transforming melodies made the crowd jump until there were no soles left on the bottoms of their fuzzy boots. The music blasted through the arena and through the chests of the audience making each person’s heart synchronize to the beat. Confetti littered the sky and explosions of intense fog heightened the climaxes of his more popular songs making the experience even more tantalizing. Some fans even brought 3-D glasses to maximize the experience of the insane light show that had everyone dizzy by the end of the night.

Tiësto commanded the stage with few expressions except an occasional smirk and some fist pumping. The theme of the night was definitely living the “Club Life,” Tiësto’s main phrase and theme of his tour! It was guaranteed that no one went home disappointed. This was not a concert you would want to miss. Hopefully DJ Tiësto comes back to visit San Diego again – and soon!