Concert Review: Tribal Theory

Reggae group Tribal Theory helped welcome the incoming freshman during Olé weekend

Reggae group Tribal Theory helped welcome the incoming freshman during Olé weekend

By: Juan Barragan
Tribal Theory
University of San Diego
1 September, 2013

Every year the University of San Diego strives to make their freshmen feel at home in a place that is brand new and exciting. Torero Program Board put on a show during Olé Weekend and gave the new students a taste of the San Diego music scene. The artist of the night was Tribal Theory. The band’s sound can be described as Roots, Rock, Reggae, and Ska. Tribal Theory, which is originally from San Diego gained extreme popularity after 91X, the biggest independent radio station in the city, gave the band a month of constant airplay with their Local Break promotion. The students at the University of San Diego were in for a treat when the band took the stage that night.

Tribal Theory, eager to please the crowd, opened with one of their biggest hits, “2012,” off of their self titled EP. Students who liked what they heard quickly gathered around the stage, approving instantly of the reggae band. The band played several covers in order to appeal to those who had never been to a Tribal Theory show. They decided to play the classic Bob Marley song, “Could You Be Loved.” They also played J Boog’s “Lets Do It Again,” as well as Damien Marley’s “Welcome to Jamrock.” These songs got the crowd singing and dancing along, which showed that these freshmen were quick to pick up the reggae vibes from the band. The band ended their set with “Hell of a Night.”

This concert, presented by Torero Program Board, was the perfect way to welcome the incoming freshmen. They were delighted by the music that Tribal Theory played, and stayed after the set to meet and greet some members of the band. If you are interested in hearing more of Tribal Theory, recommended for your further enjoyment is the band’s self titled EP.