Concert Review: Vokab Kompany


By: Juan Barragan
Vokab Kompany
House of Blues San Diego
21 December 2013

Christmas came early at the House of Blues San Diego, with local band Vokab Kompany headlining what ended up being a very special show. Vokab Kompany specializes in a mix of Hip-Hop, Electronica, and Funk to give their listeners a very innovative musical creation. Live, the band never fails to put on quite an amazing show. This year has been very good for the band, since they were featured on San Diego’s local independent radio station, 91X, for a whole month earlier this year for the station’s local break. Since then, Vokab Kompany has gained a huge fan base that was present at the venue in time for the band to take the stage.

Vokab Kompany opened with “Take You to Space,” from the highly acclaimed album, Quit Sleep. The band’s performance featured a 10-piece lineup, meaning that the audience was witnessing a stage full of great talent. They followed up with the song, “Float Away,” a song that the band has made a music video out of. The stage featured a very unique production setup that consisted of screens and projectors that complemented the theme of the song appropriately. The audience seemed to enjoy this combination as well, showing their approval through cheers and applause. This was evident when the band started playing the riff to, “Bright Lights.”

Eventually the band began to play the more popular songs in their repertoire. One of these songs was, “Wake Up,” and it got the audience pumped thanks to a very special stage performance that accompanied the song. The special performance featured a young lady that used a cloth to remain elevated in the air as she moved with the music. This required a lot of talent, as the cloth was very high above the stage, and the moves she performed very difficult to recreate. The audience approved of her performance with whistles and cheers of support. The band followed with their recently released single, “Where’s My Delorean?” Near the end of the set, the band, as a sign of appreciation for everyone in attendance, decided to give out Christmas presents to end the night. The gifts kept on coming and ranged from posters to the new album that was released the day of the show, titled, V Sides: Kollabs and Remixes Vol. 1. The band decided to play one last song for the evening after they finished handing out the gifts and ended with, “Radio Silence.” The crowd cheered and the applause was loud, demonstrating that Vokab Kompany once again put on a great show.

For those of you who are interested in Vokab Kompany, check out their new album anywhere music is sold. For those who have never heard of the band, it is recommended you get introduced to them through the album, Quit Sleep.