Concert Review: Washed Out

Photo cred Christopher Breen

Photo cred Christopher Breen

By: Joceline De la Torre

Washed Out

North Park Theater

October 16,2014


Ernest Greene, artistically known as Washed Out, returned to a sold out stage this past Thursday

at the iconic North Park Theater, following a three year hiatus from touring San Diego.


Greene came onto the music scene formally as, Washed Out, back in the summer of 2012

through the release of his first album, Within and Without. Following such release, his music has been

featured within films such as “The Spectacular Now” as well as IFC’s “Portlandia”. As a whole, the sound

of Washed Out is typically associated with the psychedelic chill wave movement.


Washed Out began its hour and a half long set with “It All Feels Right” from the most recent

album, Paracosm, which was released back in 2003. At the start of the set, the well dressed hip crowd

pushed forward to see Ernest Greene in flesh. As the set proceeded onto “New Theory” the crowd

hummed along to the chorus, as Greene made his way to the crowd to greet fans through high fives

which raised everyone’s energy within the theater.


Half way through the set, there were technical difficulties encountered, but he did an amazing

job of keeping the energy going among the audience. After the difficulties were conquered, Greene

transitioned into playing a slowed down version of “Feel it all around”, which was one of the memorable

moments of the show. When the familiar chords adopted a slower pace, the audience rose to cheer and

began to romantically sway and sing to dreamy blue lighting set in the background.


As the show continued, the audience kept up the energy, from both old and young attendees; as

old as a 67 year old, to as new as a fetus in the womb kicking during the set, as an expecting mother

pointed out. While Greene began to wrap up his set to “Amor Fati”, one thing was for certain, everyone

in attendance including myself were mesmerized by how Greene’s talent could be carried out through a

crafting of lighting and element of performance.


Washed Out has not released new material, since Paracosm from last fall, and with that said, he

won’t be on tour anytime soon. For the meantime, you can check out both Within and Without and

Paracosm which are available to listen to!