Concert Wear Series: Rock

Adriana Azarloza | Writer | USD Radio

It’s week two and I’m back with another concert style guide for nothing other than…ROCK.  Classic Rock and Roll: an American essential that has had a huge part in our cultural identity since the 1950s.  From the pioneers of rock and roll in the 50s including Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, to the iconic rock of the 70s like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, rock has no doubt influenced modern culture.  Even presently, bands like Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and Muse have created a solid fan base in the community of tried and true rock and rollers across the world.   So, it is only fair to pay homage to perhaps the country’s most classic genre with an absolutely fantastic outfit.  Here’s how to do it.

Rock concerts generally include ridiculous amounts of dancing, singing and potentially head-banging; by the end of the concert, you’ve done a full-body workout without even knowing it.  Burning calories while simultaneously rocking out?  Sign me up.  Because of the all the movement that is essentially guaranteed at rock concerts, it is important not to get too caught up in the glamor of your outfit.  Keep it simple, comfortable and breathable, but of course, don’t forget to keep it memorable.  One way to do this is by wearing basic denim shorts, the wash of your choice, a classic white tee shirt, possibly some rips if you’re in the mood, and finally, a great leather jacket.  A great leather jacket has the potential to absolutely change your life.  Once you find the perfect combination of fit, style and color, your confidence, and outfit options, will skyrocket.  Grab some Converse or Vans high tops with a couple chunky rings and some killer sunglasses and you’re ready to rock.

(Credit: The Blonde Salad / Langley Fox)

Like I’ve said before, it is so important to have options when it comes to wearing the perfect outfit for you.  Your ensemble should absolutely reflect your personal style because, at the end of the day, to have a great night, you need to feel confident, beautiful and stylish in your outfit.  So, with this, maybe leather jackets aren’t your thing – don’t worry, there are so many other ways to go about finding the perfect look!  In the past year, band tees have resurfaced and become a huge trend.  I adore them because not only are they chic, but they are also spunky, eccentric and reflect a little piece of you.  Focus on finding a band tee with a cut that flatters your body and shows you off — you should feel bold and beautiful.  Whether it is sleeveless, tank, halter, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve, you can’t go wrong.  Pair your band tee with some super distressed jeans that are loose enough for you to dance the night away.  Top your look off with combat boots (heeled or not, totally up to you), some cuff bracelets and long drop chain earrings and I’d say all eyes will be on you when you step into the venue.  

(Credit: Glamour / Kendall Jenner)

So, there you have it.  A style guide to master your unique leather jacket or spunky band tee look for the rock concert of the century.  Rock that concert and your friend’s Instagram feeds.  You look great.