Concert Wear Series: Urban

Adriana Azarloza | Writer | USD Radio

Tickets – check. Phone charged – check. Outfit – 100% non-check. The age-old concert struggle basically amounts to four little words: “what should I wear?” I am here to lay out a style guide for several different concert genres in weekly installments designed for the concert-loving girl. This week’s theme: Urban. This Urban theme encompasses hip-hop, rap and R&B genres, my personal favorites. So, say goodbye to the last-minute outfit freak-out that we all are so familiar with. Stay calm and concert on.

Style is a skill that we all can have if we work to present ourselves in the best light. You don’t need to be Anna Wintour or Oscar de la Renta to have a strong sense of style. The best philosophy for building a perfect wardrobe is to collect pieces that are basic enough to wear often, yet possess something exciting and memorable. By following this general rule, you will create a wardrobe that feels classic and true to your aesthetic. It’s important to keep the concert in mind when creating the perfect concert look because after all, a genre-appropriate look is almost as important as the music.

The perfect Urban concert outfit should make you feel like an edgy minimalist. Whether it is a Kanye, Bryson Tiller, SZA or Drake concert, this feeling should remain the same. Now, you can go about achieving this image in several different ways. The classic and perhaps most practical concert piece is a great pair of jeans, the ones that you would probably have a formal funeral for if they were ever to be damaged. Whether they are black, light, dark or acid wash, these jeans are the move. Considering that we go to school in a city with arguably the best weather in the country, the wardrobe options are virtually endless. My favorite jean-centered concert look: a breezy off the shoulder top, a great pair of jeans and either boots or flats, depending on your mood and of course whether your tickets are general admission or not. Top it off with a couple of rings, a bracelet and possibly a choker and you are set. Classy, cool, minimalistic and edgy.

When deciding the perfect concert ensemble, it is important to have options. If the concert is a little bit dressier or even if it happens to be on the warmer side that day, a dress is usually the way to go. In the past year, slip dresses have become a huge trend that I personally love to embrace. Not only are they fashion-forward, but they are also amazingly relaxed and airy, a combination of qualities that are necessary to look fabulous and be comfortable enough to dance your heart out at the concert. A simple and fun metallic slip dress with some comfortable shoes like Adidas or old school Vans serve as the perfect dress look for an urban concert. Keep it simple with a drop necklace and maybe some chunky studs. All eyes will be on you (thanks to your fabulous metallic dress and your sick dance moves, of course.)

So, there you have it. A style guide to master either a jean or dress look for your dream Urban concert. Rock that concert and your friend’s Instagram feeds. You look great.

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  • This article really gave me some amazing ideas of what to wear to a concert. I feel both inspired and informed, chalk full of ideas and advice.