Festival culture has taken the world by storm over the past few years. It has truly become the new direction that live music is going in.  Many people now feel more drawn to the festival lifestyle than the typical one-night concert scene.  With wide ranges of artists performing all day at these festival grounds, music lovers have more opportunities to see their favorite and new up and coming artists.  These events act as a place for people who appreciate the same kind of music to vibe together and discover new artists.

CRSSD Festival takes place semiannually, once during Fall and once during Spring in the Downtown San Diego Area.  The event is held at waterfront park which is the perfect size and delivers the perfect atmosphere for a festival.  On one side, you get views of the ocean and on the other side you have views of downtown San Diego.  There are three stages set up that are easy to locate and finding friends in a crowd is surprisingly easy as compared to larger festivals such as Hard Summer and Coachella.  As far as festivals go, this one, in particular, is quite unique.  This deep house/tropical house festival attracts a wide range of people which may seem surprising given the limited big name talent in that genre. As a 21+ festival, the ages range from the young 21 year olds to people in their mid 40s.

This season, the lineup had a great variety of established and emerging artists, from ZHU to Malaa, CRSSD delivered everything a fan of deep house music could want.  It was great to see the support for smaller and less known artists within the genre.  As a very specific genre geared music festival, CRSSD is to San Diego what Outside Lands is to San Francisco. The locals are all very supportive of their festival and many people in attendance have been going since they were old enough to get in.  People from all over the country came to experience what our city had to offer and they were not disappointed.

In a world with so much negative activity going on, it is incredible that people can come together from all over to share a common interest. Music festivals offer an outlet for people to express themselves in a way that they cannot in their daily lives. San Diego offers so many opportunities in the music scene and CRSSD is a great example of the city’s support.