Delta Tau Delta dishes destruction

dtdAn age-old tradition among other college organizations emerged on the campus of University of San Diego this past Monday night.

USD community members flocked to the law parking lot to witness the Delta Tau Delta (DTD) fraternity participate in its first rushing event of the season. Brothers of the fraternity, alongside potential new members, took a sledgehammer to a run-down car outside the Legal Research Center. This car bashing event created loud banging and peaked interest of passing students. Cars stopped, students ran across the street, and the DTD members cheered.

Roughly 30 potential new DTD members, active DTD members, and bystanders gathered for the first annual Car Bash Rush Event. Senior Michael Olson explained that the event was a first for DTD.

“Our rush chair decided to do something new, and a car bash was an idea from other schools,” said Olson. “A car bash just kind of seemed like a good way for everyone to start out the week, and it brings a lot of guys around and brings a lot of attention.”

Lucas Terriquez, a sophomore and potential member of DTD, expressed his feelings on the event.

dtd-2“It’s a pretty gnarly rush event,” Terriquez said. “Everyone else is just sitting in a room and talking, I guess. It’s just thinking out of the box; it’s cool and more interesting to take part of.”

The event left broken glass and fragments of the car scattered across the pavement.

Senior Paul Chamarro explained that the event was approved by university officials ahead of time.

“The process to get this approved is actually kind of difficult,” Chamarro said. “We had to find a supplier of the vehicle, then a towing company to bring it here and take it away.”

Chamarro stated that the fraternity was in charge of the event from beginning to end.

“[We had to get] it approved by the school, we had to tell them what was going on, [and] then [talk about] safety measures, goggles, gloves, pre-approved sledgehammers,” Chamarro said. “Then [we] told P-safe, and they cleared out the three spots and got [the car] in here. We are responsible for everything, cleanup and everything. Active and rushes are the only people to hit the car.”

Olson said that the tow truck dropped off the car and would be picking it up after the event concluded. Members of DTD were in charge of cleaning up the aftermath.

While this was a new event at USD, the rush event of car bashing has been a tradition among many fraternities dating back years, DTD stated that it hopes to continue this tradition next year.