DJ Fergie Ferg


USD Junior Mark Ferguson–aka DJ Fergie Ferg– released his new album last week.
“My Most Awkward Years” is a mashup mix Fergie Ferg put together.
“Here is the long awaited album release of DJ Fergie Ferg. The album is title “My Most Awkward Years.” It is a celebration of what I consider the most awkward years of my life: Middle School. So that means all of the 90+ samples come from songs that came out between the years 1999-20002. Thats right some of the most ridiculous songs to ever hit the airwaves will once again have you saying I can’t believe that I used to listen to Creed, or what was I thinking when I listened to Shaggy back in the day. Mad props go out to my cousin Kevin Rollinson for making this amazing cover, if you guys don’t get it that hand motion means awkward turtle. Make sure to play this as a gapless album, and enjoy ladies and gentleman.”

You can download the full album for free Here
Here are a few tracks to check out
“Enema of the Scrubs”
“Two Nelly’s Don’t Make a Right”
“Who Can Say”

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