DJ Stenox shines on USD campus

An in-depth look at one of our own rising stars in the DJ industry
By Abby Gentry

Many believe music has the ability to affect your mood; it can cheer you up or it can calm you down. University of San Diego student and DJ, Stefano Casillo, also known as “Stenox,” hopes his music helps others to have a good time. According to those who have heard him, including those who attended the Electric Blue concert, it does just that.
Stenox came to the University of San Diego his freshman year already having a passion for music. He has played both the piano and drums for about eight years and was looking for a style that better suited his personality, which he found with electronic music. There was also a strong connection to the emergence of the genre on the west coast, particularly California.

“The combination of the California environment and my curiosity for a new style of music that better embodied my personality led me to begin experimenting with electronic music,” Casillo said.
Although he is extremely busy working on his music, Stenox still makes his education a top priority. He fully understands that the music industry is a tough one to crack and in the event that it does not work out, he will always have his education to fall back on.

“I prefer to keep my music and school life completely separate,” Casillo said. “This way I can give 110 percent of myself to each area in my life so I can perform to the best of my ability both in school and on the stage.”
Music is what he has always wanted to do, though, so it is important for him to continue putting himself out there and making himself known.

“It is just as important to chase your passions and if an opportunity presents itself, I will take the risk and gratefully accept the opportunities that come my way,” Casillo said.

Listing Zedd and Martin Garrix as some of his major influences and inspirations as a DJ, he hopes one day he will be a part of the big leagues and be able to consider these successful DJ’s as his competition. This looks to be right around the corner. Playing at popular San Diego nightclubs such as “Bassmnt” has helped catapult his success and continues to propel him forward as a performer.

Although he has had the opportunity to play at some interesting, local, and popular places, he mentioned USD as his favorite.

“USD has for sure been one of my favorite gigs,” Casillo said. “Here I was really able to let loose and feel the energy of those who came out to see me which is always exciting.”

Coincidentally, concertgoers claim that Stenox had a great energy that made them want to dance and have a good time. It is safe to say that good vibes were exchanged between both Stenox and concert attendees. Stenox is currently working on his promotion and getting his name out into the world of music. As one of our fellow Toreros, it will be exciting to continue following him in his music career and watching where it takes him.