DO NOT MISS: Lucent L’amour, a festival of art, music and creativity, brought to you by The Do Lab

Lucent L'amour 2009, courtesy

Got any Valentine’s plans yet? How about at the wee hours of the morning on Valentine’s Day? Well now you can be busy all day long thanks to the great guys at The Do Lab, the proprietors of events like Coachella. They are hosting Lucent L’amour, something that they call a “festival of art, music and creativity.” Because they know how awesome this show is going to be (as well as the knowledge of the shallow pockets of college students), they have been kind enough to offer a pretty hefty discount to anyone with a “.edu” e-mail, for more details click on this link to the Lucent L’amour website  With over 5,000 attendees expected, this is one show you should not miss.


The headliner for this year’s Lucent L’amour, Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) will get you moving whether you like it or not. Hailing from San Francisco, Bassnectar is known for his eclectic style and stimulating visuals. From his slow, trip-hop sounds to his pounding dance beats, Bassnectar’s show will leave you tore up from the floor up.
“Cozza Frenzy”01 Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy


The breakbeat duo from Bristol is back in the States for this epic street festival, and their set will be sure to blow your mind. These DJs are masters of the remix and will undoubtedly please your audio senses with both their creative edits and original tracks. With these breakbeat champions on the bill, Lucent L’amour is an event you won’t want to miss.


North America South America, better known by their acronym N.A.S.A., truly brings a unique sound to the bill. Comprised of DJs Squeak E. Clean and Zegon, this duo strives to bring about a sense of unity in the musical community by putting together sounds from different genres around the world. Whether it be bars from Kanye West’s tracks or funky Brazilian riffs, this diverse sound is sure to get you moving.


Lucent L’amour is chalk full of unique acts, and the Yard Dogs Road Show is no exception. With an unusual mix of cabaret, rock and roll and other strangely entertaining acts, this band will undoubtedly be a musical experience.


Hailing from Oakland, Calif., Beats Antique provides a new twist to the electronic genre.  With sounds and beats from the Middle East fused with dubstep and hip hop, Beats Antique offers a sound that you won’t find anywhere else. With live horned and string instruments, this sound will be something new for you to sink your teeth into.


This California native understands the value of dance. Her live set will force you to work muscles that you had no idea you had. As a front-runner in the West Coast future sound movement, Ana Sia is an act to listen and dance along to for sure.


Lazer Sword is the fusion of Low Limit, from San Francisco, and Lando Kal of New York. Regardless of the Star Wars allusion, Lazer Sword is pretty boss. With an ever-growing fan base, these guys are something to watch for in 2010, and you’ll experience them live at Lucent L’amour.
“Gucci Sweatshirt”GUCCI SWEATSHIRT


Though they have only recently released their first collaboration, this duo has been tearing up the live circuit. They spit an interesting blend of low-tempo techno with rapping and acoustic instruments. This year at Lucent L’amour, their smooth beats will be sure to keep you entranced and wanting more.


Having been a DJ in the greater Los Angeles area since the ‘90s, Patricio is what you could call a seasoned veteran. His sets are practically guaranteed to raise the energy level so high that the only thing higher is the sound level. For all you rump shakers out there, check out Patricio this year at Lucent L’amour.


This mysterious group is something that must be experienced first hand. The best information only claims that their influence is “static” and their biography is “music for life forms.” After sampling some tracks, it becomes clear that the latter is more appropriate. Their songs, without a hint of static, will make any “life forms” within their sphere of influence begin to boogie down. Get to Lucent L’amour early enough to hear these guys kick off the event.

In addition to the amazing musical lineup that Lucent L’amour offers, a series of art installations, as well as interactive art, will be present at the inside portion of The Shrine. This should be as much as the concerts themselves. I am envisioning a type of awesome street festival. The website even describes one of the artist collectives, Lucent Dossier Experience, as “a playground for the innovative genius child in all of us.”  It should be a very good time, to say the least.