Dodos’ “Time To Die” album review by Cristel Sunshine



by Charlie Villyard

by Charlie Villyard

The Dodos have returned with their third album “Time To Die” released July, 2009. Dense with their familiar yet unpredictable sound this album promises to fill your hunger for eclectic folk rock with a dash of bluegrass on the side.

For those unfamiliar with the Dodos, a trio harking from San Francisco, CA.,  the band is composed of guitarist and vocalist Meric Long, percussionist Logan Kroeber and new addition Keaton Snyder playing the vibraphone. The whole album is full of Long’s powerful and playful guitar riffs, licks and chords that along his swift picking style produce a range of  ethereal, sharp and melodic sounds. Kroeber’s percussion  engrosses the album with thunderous drumming while newbie Snyder decorates with vibraphone stylings.

With a title like “Time to Die” one would expect a stark melodramatic sound, however; songs like “This is a Business” and “Two Medicines” have an upbeat nature, aiming to critique blandness and uplift.  On the other hand airy tunes “Acorn Factory” and ” Small Deaths” are more solemn but still retain a feathery feel.

“Time to Die”  has a complex sound, ready to enchant, entrance or simply make you want to jump around. At first listen it may come off as repetitive, but if given a tad more attention you simply can’t overlook the care and talent these San Fran. musicians have coalesced into this album.