Doing Spring Break right

By Hannah Bucklin

Spring break is potentially one of the most anticipated and talked about college vacations. Masses of college students flood to tropical places in order to escape the confines of their campuses and to relax under the sun. What makes spring break arguably one of the better college vacation is the fact that many college students go to the same spots. I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico my senior year in high school. It was by far the best vacation I have ever taken. Being with my closest friends in beautiful Mexico for a week was pure bliss.

Whether or not you are 21, you can find a place to have spring break. After talking to my friends, some of the more popular places that most college students go to are Miami Beach, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and my favorite, Cabo San Lucas. What makes these destinations so popular is the endless sun, the blue waters and the numerous entertainment hotspots for college students. Nothing is better than waking up to the ocean and knowing that you have no commitments and you can do whatever you want with the day. You can just lay out on a chair by the pool or go swimming in the ocean. I spent every afternoon of my high school spring break tanning and peacefully napping by the pool, but there is certainly more to do than just tanning. When I was in Cabo I go to was able to go parasailing, something that I had never gotten to do before.

Being on vacation gives you the opportunity to do things that you never have done before. There are endless opportunities while on vacation. Who would pick staying on campus or going home when you could go to paradise for a week and experience new things?

It is a college must to go on spring break. Nothing can compare to Cabo’s white sand and clear blue water. I had so much fun and would recommend going. It was like I was in some fantasy world, where there was never a cloud in the sky and the sun was always shining.

The weather wasn’t the only good thing about my spring break. When I was in Cabo I had the opportunity to meet an endless number of college and high school students from all over the country. That was one of my favorite aspects of spring break. No matter what school you go to, where you are from, how old are you, or what your interests are, all students on spring break merge into one fun-loving group.

All this fun, unfortunately, comes with a price. A big concern with going on spring break is how much it’s going to cost. Finding an affordable yet nice hotel was a struggle for me. As much as I wanted to stay at the best hotel Cabo had to offer, I had to remember that I was on a student budget. Students are always low on money and tend to live paycheck-to-paycheck, or are waiting around for their parents to give them their next allowance. However, with some research it is easy to find good group deals on hotels. I found the perfect hotel in Cabo that not only fit my budget, but also fit my needs.

No one should let financial reasons hold them back from a fabulous spring break. The weeks preceding break are filled with midterm after midterm. Once spring break arrives students are very relieved to have a break. I have talked to my friends here at USD and they have had a stressful past few weeks with never-ending midterms and papers. They could not be happier that spring break is just around the corner. I may not be going to Cabo this year but I am still certainly ready to have a week of from classes.

USD students have various plans for spring break, some are going to Cabo, like I did, while others are going to Lake Havasu City through SWAT, a student travel organization that gives college students discount spring break packages. Wherever you go for spring break, as long as you are relaxing and having fun you can’t go wrong!