Dr. Allen steps in as interim provost: Seasoned administrator ready for new position

By Kendall Tich

As college students, we are continuously striving to reach the utmost academic excellence, leadership and performance in both classes and extracurricular activities at our university. Not only does our own motivation drive us to succeed, but also the motivation from those held in a high level of respect at the university.

USD students are provided with an academic leader called a Provost, also known as the university’s vice president and chief academic officer. Andrew T. Allen, PhD, will currently serve as the interim vice president and provost. He comes from an extensive administrative background with many years of experience behind him at USD.

Beginning in July 2008 and continuing until this past June, Allen has served as the associate provost. In this position, he oversaw Career Services, Community Service Learning, Institute of College Initiatives including Upward Bound, Student Support Services and the McNair Program, Center for Educational excellence and many more academic and social projects to make this university an even better place.

Prior to Allen’s administrative role, he began his career at USD serving as a member of the faculty as an economics professor in undergraduate, graduate and executive courses. Between September 2006 and June 2008, Allen served as the interim dean in the School of Business Administration.

Before joining the USD faculty in 1984, Dr. Allen taught at Illinois State University and San Diego State University. He attended the University of Illinois and received undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees in economics while there.

While the role of a provost may be unknown to some students, it is clear that Allen’s efforts are aiding in the improvement of the university. Allen’s roles include the oversight of curricular, academic and research affairs. In other words, he makes behind the scenes decisions in regards to USD administration in order to aid in the progression of the university. Allen’s past projects and initiatives have continuously improved the professional and regional identity of USD while building it into an esteemed and successful university.

Allen is in the midst of new projects as he also takes on the role of vice president and provost. One of his current research projects includes issues surrounding the residential housing market in San Diego. Prior to this project, he worked on projects that aided many local businesses and organizations including the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the San Diego County Taxpayers Association in regards to the San Diego Padres Ballpark Project. It is clear that Allen’s influences extend far beyond just our university but also contribute to the development of ties between USD and the rest of the San Diego and California community.

As school begins and students start to reflect on the esteemed school USD is quickly becoming, it is important to appreciate those who have helped it become that way. Andrew T. Allen’s projects and initiatives have created bonds between USD and outside organizations that will shed an amount of recognition on our school. Allen’s research projects and decisions made while at USD will allow the university to advance as an institution both in its rankings and its student body.