Dua Lipa blows fans’ minds

Singer performs at San Diego House of Blues on her 2018 Self-Titled tour 

John McNicholas | Contributor | USD Vista

Striking, talented, and ambitious: all words that capture the essence of one of today’s most popular new musical artists, Dua Lipa. Lipa first gained global recognition for her musical ability on her song with Martin Garrix “Scared to Be Lonely” in January 2017. However, this recognition was only brief and Lipa faded back into obscurity shortly after.

In July of 2017, Lipa released her hit single “New Rules,” which marked her stratospheric rise to stardom. “New Rules” quickly rose to number one on the Billboard charts after its release, and once again showcased Lipa’s musical talent on the world stage. Lipa is now a musical force to be reckoned with.

Lipa was born in London, England in 1995 and began her singing career performing covers of her favorite artists on YouTube as a teenager. At the age of 22, Lipa is currently touring countless cities and countries on her self-titled tour.

San Diego’s House of Blues was among the places selected for Lipa to perform on her tour. The venue is typically known for its intimate setting and the classic feel of an older concert hall. As people arrived at the House of Blues, the line stretched around the block, full of excited fans ready for the show. Many fans lined up hours early for a chance at the coveted front-row position that allows one to be mere feet from the artist up on stage.

First-year and Dua Lipa fan Adriana Azarloza is an avid listener to the singer and recalled her favorite songs.

“My favorite Dua Lipa song is ‘New Rules,” said Azarloza. “She has a really unique style and she’s an amazing artist that I can tell will do great things this year. I really like her alternative and retro style; it makes her stand out against other current pop artists.”

Inside, the tightly-packed crowd anticipated Lipa’s arrival to stage. A series of flashing lights accompanied by a quick beat foreshadowed her entrance as the crowd went wild and the energy in the room instantly surged. Lipa’s eye-catching arrival into the room set the scene for the rest of the show. Walking out on stage with striking blue eyeshadow and an elaborate floral shirt, she made a grand statement even before she sang her first lyric. Her confidence and elegance abounded as she moved across the stage and performed her music, leaving the crowd eagerly anticipating what would come next.

Lipa performed many of her top hits, which included “New Rules,” “IDGAF,”  “Be The One,” “Lost In Your Light,” “Hotter than Hell,” and “Blow your Mind.” Although all of her songs were well-performed, Lipa truly saved the best for last with her performance of “New Rules.” Like the grand finale at a fireworks show, Lipa put everything she had into her last song of the night and went out with a bang. The song that began Lipa’s career was the last to rock the halls of the House of Blues that night and left the audience wanting more.

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