“Dunkaroos Reunion Tour” hosted by Constable Cornelius

small in dragon suit

(A Small in a Dragon Suit b/c it’s glorious)

Halloween is around the corner so let’s all start preparing ourselves by getting in the mood. I personally like to think of my younger years, when Halloween was the ish, candy was abundant, and my costumes were off the chizarts. My thoughts drift back to these days and the enjoyable treats I enjoyed. For instance, mother flipping Dunkaroos. Most likely the best personal cookie package one could find in their lunchbox at any given time (that is not a opinion, it’s fact). Dunkaroos were so dankskity that trading such a package could warrant such things as entire bags of candy or even two snack packs. Yes two. Crazy yes but rad sauce as well. Anyways Dunkaroos were my jam back in the day and I miss them. Enjoy these tunes, eat serious candy, dress goofy, get weird, and carve some pumpkins and such.

Stay fresh kids, stay fresh.

Dunkaroos Reunion Tour

Dunkaroo-afied Songs on This Show:

  • Just a Little Heart- The Black Keys
  • I, the Swan- The Sound of Animals Fighting
  • Good To Sea- Pinback
  • Love Dog- TV On the Radio
  • Dry the Rain- Beta Band
  • Souvenirs- Architecture In Helsinki
  • Chinese Children-Devendra Banhart
  • Soul of a Man- Beck
  • You Are So Last Summer- Taking Back Sunday
  • Always For Your- The Album Leaf
  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright- Bob Dylan
  • Tyrant- The Bravery
  • Treat Me Like Your Mother- The Dead Weather

Forever Yours,

The Constable