Earn more money back on your textbooks with USD Radio and the Better Bookstore!


Sell your textbooks back at The Better Bookstore, and earn an additional 5% back thanks to USD Radio!

USD Radio is proud to endorse and support The Better Bookstore. As a business started locally by USD alumni, The Better Bookstore has been providing students with better deals on textbooks for the last two and a half years. Priding itself on being a student advocacy group, The Better Bookstore urges students to visit them before buying, renting or selling books, because they will always tell you the best way to handle your textbook needs, even if it’s not with them!

Additionally, The Better Bookstore has teamed up with USD Radio to offer a terrific deal. On top of getting more money back for your books than offered at the on-campus bookstore, The Better Bookstore will give students an additional 5% back while giving an additional 5% back to USD Radio. Furthermore, The Better Bookstore has pledged to take proceeds from donated, valueless books and support local causes like Shelter San Diego.

The end of the semester is approaching and we hope that our listeners will support USD Radio, and themselves, by selling their books to The Better Bookstore. Please support us!

The Better Bookstore is located across from the bottom entrance to the USD campus at 5433 Linda Vista Rd. Ste. C, San Diego, CA, 92110. www.thebetterbookstore.com (619) 800-3873.