Engaging your inner Torero

Jammie Eddy | Feature Editor | The USD Vista

It is homecoming week at USD, which means there will be an abundance of activities on and off campus including music performances, food trucks, and sporting events.

Unfortunately, USD is not necessarily known for having a lot of school spirit. However, I’m also at fault for my own lack of commitment to anything spirit-esque with regards to engaging my inner Torero. Nonetheless, this year I’ve been trying to attend on-campus events such as listening to motivational speakers, attending soccer games, working at the Alcala Bazaar, and utilizing career services. With that said, it is my mission to at least check out and participate in some spirit week activities.

USD seems to be making a greater effort this year, coming up with a variety of ways to engage the student body, staff, and teachers to attend the many events that will occur this week.

I think there has always been a stigma attached to our high tuition cost and the looming question about how our money is used. Many students, including myself in the past, believe that a large majority of the money is spent on keeping our campus pristine, irrigated, and well mowed.

If you take the time to go through your student emails and the weekly campus buzz that USD sends out to all students, it offers a far greater perspective on where our money is allocated.

For example, looking back I’ve had the privilege of seeing big name artists and bands such as Imagine Dragons and Banks. In addition, there have been countless times when I’ve received free lunch because of work or an arbitrary event that did not concern me, but still provided my belly with nourishment.

Not only does USD spend money on social activities, but also they provide our university with chances to meet representatives from major companies. In addition, USD offers students crucial career service advice and expertise, which ultimately gives students the skills to transition and succeed after graduation.

Our school truly has our best interest at heart. USD provides students with unlimited opportunities and memories.

Homecoming week will be exciting, surprising, and overall, a lot of fun. Make sure to check out what’s going on and get involved.