Entertainer Leah Drost joins USD Media

San Diego native and University of San Diego transfer student Leah Drost has dreamed of working in entertainment her entire life. She is slowly realizing this dream through her work with USD Radio and performances with an alternative rock band called “Taking on Towers.” Drost is a junior communication studies major and previously attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts High School where her emphasis was singing. It is this passion for song that led Drost into her current creative path.

Drost is the lead singer in an alternative rock band called “Taking on Towers.” She has been a part of the band for the past seven months, following a falling out with a previous band. Drost is the lead female singer of this all-male band, which she found in a Craigslist ad. “Taking on Towers” has performed at various venues, such as House of Blues and Tin Roof. Drost described it as the most serious and committed band she has ever been a part of.

Drost also said that the first time she and her band played at the House of Blues was something she has always wanted to do.

“Playing at the House of Blues has always been a dream of mine and so actually getting to pursue this dream with my friends is an incredible experience,” Drost said.

This longtime dream come true will continue to follow as “Taking on Towers” now has a second performance down at the House of Blues. Drost said that she wishes to further pursue a music career.

“My dream goal is to pursue music by getting big with a band and perform in front of people daily,” Drost said. “But I know I need a backup plan, which is why I’m in communication because I’ve always been good at communicating with others.”  

Before Drost was a student at USD and singing for “Taking on Towers,” she spent her freshman year of college at Concordia University but soon realized it was not the school for her. From Concordia, Drost decided to transfer back home to San Diego and attended Miramar College. Going into her junior year, she had thoughts of transferring to USD because her mother, works on campus as a website manager for the Torero Store. As a incoming student, Drost chose to transfer to USD as a communication studies major and plans to specialize in broadcasting.

Drost also showed a curiosity for working as a radio talk show host, sharing that she always knew she wanted to go into a news-related field. Her wishes are slowly coming true, as she is now a part of USD Radio. At the beginning, she was not sure whether she wanted to pursue television or radio. Because of her past with performing in bands, she knew she had the talent for entertainment in general.

From an early age, Drost knew that she wanted to work in a news-related field, but was unsure about which platform she’d like best. Her previous performance experience helped shape her preference for radio over television.

“Radio stood out to me because I don’t like my being projected on television,” Drost said.

She is still interested in broadcasting and figured radio could give her the best of both worlds.

At the Alcalá Bazaar during the second week of school, Drost saw that USD Radio had a booth. She explained that initially she was interested in, but not fully committed to, working with USD Radio, and knew that not all applicants would be accepted.  

“I have never been so happy about being accepted into something,” Drost said. It was at that moment that Drost said she realized radio was her passion.

When given the option to choose between being a DJ or a radio host, Drost chose to become a radio host. Although she has only been a part of USD Radio for a short time, she said that she has not only gained experience, but also confidence. Drost already feels more confident about the dos and don’ts of broadcasting. Drost explained that each time she broadcasts, she learns how to phrase sentences and deliver her ideas. She is also learning how to present her stories in a way that is easy for her audience to understand.

Drost has her own segment called “Leah’s Latest,” which airs every Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Her station covers San Diego events, including festivals, farmers markets, open mic nights/karaoke, and even new clubs and bars in the area. “Leah’s Latest” also features the best hiking spots, yoga classes, and running marathons that students can sign up for. Drost said that her show is unique because it is geared toward all USD students and is a way for them to gather as a community at the events they are most interested in.

With Drost’s high ambitions and career goals that she has set for herself, she continues to have a strong drive for wherever her passion for communication takes her. Whether it is performing in a band as a singer or being a radio host, Drost said she plans on making a place for herself in the entertainment world.

Written by: Cynthia Yantz, Contributor