Equal pay for women, please


In 2014, a full-time female employee earned 82.5 percent of what a male earned, which is a step up from 1979 when women only made 62 percent of what men earned.
I think it is time for women to start earning the same wages as men.
Most jobs women participate in today have a small gender pay gap, however there are some professions that are lagging behind and are closer to the 1979 earning difference.
USA Today and Wall Street 24/7, using the U.S. Bureau of Statistics’, generated a list of 10 jobs with the largest pay gap. The information used to collect this data included men and women working at least 35 hours a week yearly.
These jobs included: personal financial advisors; physicians and surgeons; securities, commodities and financial service sales agents; financial managers; top executives; retail salespersons; human resource managers; bartenders; real estate brokers and sales agents; and drivers, sales workers and truck drivers.
The range in pay disparity is between 62.2 percent at the highest, which is in the physicians and surgeons profession, and 73.7 percent at the lowest, which is in the drivers, sales workers and truck drivers professions.
In these jobs, advances are often factors of the wage gap. Six out of ten of these jobs had commission based pay structures, available bonuses, merit based pay, or some combination of the three.
These advances often favor  male employees, and that is outrageous. Women should be paid just as much as men, especially if they are doing the same work.
There is no reason for such a wide gap between what male and female employees earn. Favoritism of gender should not be tolarated, especially in the professional sphere.
Another factor that leads to a pay gap is the representation of women. Six out of the ten occupations with the worst pay gaps were jobs where women were the minority.
I think this is wrong. Just because someone is in a minority should never mean discrimination in their pay.
Medical jobs seemed to have a good reason for pay disparity, since women often choose professions that allow for flexible hours so they can manage being at home and working.
However, even in fields where women dominate, like pediatrics, women still earn less than men.
This disparity in pay based on gender is a blemish on the face of American society because our nation is supposed to be a place of equality and opportunity, but we cannot seem to get past some major discrimination  in pay between genders in the workplace.