Exploring off-campus study spots

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Holy Matcha serves everything matcha-related, and is also a relaxing place to study.

Staring at the same faded grey walls, rows of old books, and dead-eyed students is an arduous way to spend a late night studying in Copley Library. Yes, it’s that time: the weight of finals is upon the University of San Diego community once again.

Getting away from the same sidewalks and Spanish-styled buildings that make up USD is a good way to liven up the study environment and grab a quality shot of espresso. Lucky for Toreros, San Diego is teeming with trendy coffee shops and fancy avocado toast, making them perfect for a study session. San Diego has an off-campus study spot that may suit everyone’s style and taste.

Communal Coffee

Better known as Coffee and Flowers, this quaint little shop is located in North Park. A popular place for college students and hipsters, it serves unique drinks like lavender honey and sea salt caramel lattes, plus plenty of study snacks, including scones and the famous goat cheese lavendar honey toast. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, along with a quiet back room where students and other coffee enthusiasts type on their laptops and sip on cappuccinos. The outdoor seating is encompassed by a plant-nursery with succulents hanging on the walls around the shop. It has free wifi and is about a 15-minute drive from campus.

Mission Valley Public Library

If  you enjoy the comfort of a library but don’t feel like running into every person you know at USD, the Mission Valley Public Library is about 3.5 miles from campus and has a wide array of ebooks, articles, databases, and more. It is an open and clean location with free wifi and plenty of parking. For caffeine lovers needing a quick fix, the library also located near a Starbucks. The library is full of nooks and crannies if you’re an introverted studier and has open tables similar to the main floor of Copley.

Pacific Ridge Study Lounge

Head across the street from campus, grab one of your Pacific Ridge-residing buddies, and hit the books. The study lounge is a great place for those who don’t have a car but still need a close getaway. The study rooms are located on the first floor of Carmel next to the pool and are generally filled with college students in a more relaxed and comfortable environment than Copley. Couches line the room for a comfortable and relaxed environment. It’s even equipped with a coffee bar and complimentary coffee, plus it’s open 24/7.

Turquoise Cafe

Located in Pacific Beach, Turquoise Cafe is a perfect mix between surf and school. This quaint coffee shop has the mellow feel of a Southern California cafe but is equipped with wifi and full of fellow laptop-yielding studiers. Renowned for its acai bowls and smoothies, this spacious cafe  is a great place for early morning and lunchtime study days. The cafe also serves sandwiches, veggie tacos, coffee, beer, and wine. Its noise level is relatively mellow and has decent parking for the oftentimes crowded Pacific Beach. Its outdoor seating is great for the springtime San Diego weather.

Holy Matcha

Holy Matcha is a buzzing new tea place that recently opened in North Park. For those who love delicately designed coffee shops but need a break away from being heavily caffeinated, Holy Matcha serves trendy items, including fresh Matcha tea, donuts, and avocado toast. Its pink decor and vibrant ambiance are a good way to lighten up the stress of finals. It’s a comfortable environment for those looking to study in a more quiet setting while still being able to enjoy its unique food and drink.

Lestat’s Hillcrest

For all the USD night owls, Lestat’s Hillcrest is a 24-hour coffee spot. Its menu contains everything from Snickers flavored coffee to tuna sandwiches. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and a homey feel to it. It’s unique sphinx statues and other unique decor make it a quirky cafe full of college students and other cafe goers alike. It’s a perfect place for those who prefer the buzz of background noise and coffee grinders, and also has free wifi, plenty of outlets and extension cords, and even more unique coffee drinks.

Written by Camille Hayward, Contributor