Finding balance in La Jolla’s newest hotspot


Amidst the everyday stresses of college life, it is easy for students to forget how important it is to prioritize individual health and wellness. Even if they do, it is difficult to understand how to begin to improve their lifestyle and where to start. This is where Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla comes in. Making its home on the fourth-floor rooftop of a grocery store on Girard Avenue, it is impossible to see this haven of health and happiness from the street. It might seem that this would inhibit business and lead to smaller crowds, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, as co-owner Leila Whitehead explains, people have responded to its secret allure and are flocking to the sanctuary.

“It’s been amazing how quickly people have found out about us,” Whitehead said. “Word of mouth is such a spectacular thing. And I think the fact that it is a little more hidden is actually good because it is even more reason to tell people about it.”

While the desire for customers to return and bring their friends speaks to the unique and mesmerizing space, it is also a reflection of the core values of mind, body, and spirit that permeate the atmosphere and promote balance. This has always been the primary focus for Whitehead and fellow owner Joe Caldera, who first thought of the idea two years ago.

“We wanted to open something that we were very passionate about,” Whitehead said. “We love food. I love yoga and just living a healthy lifestyle. Joe teaches meditation, life coaching, and getting in touch with oneself. These are the things in our lives that have helped us to lead a happier life.”

Simply put, the incredible environment is shaped by a combination of all of their favorite things and it could not be located in a better spot. Southern California is home to many yoga studios and a variety of fresh eating options, but few places combine the two to promote healthy living. Whitehead knows the difficulty of a business with multiple focuses and admits she did not know the direction it was originally headed.

“We didn’t know how it was all going to work,” Whitehead said. “And whether the cafe would take away from the yoga or the yoga would be too distracting, but it’s really cool to have everything here and the space is perfect for big events. It’s very versatile having the food and also the deck.”

The versatility and adaptability of the roof allows for students to customize their experience. There are outdoor and indoor yoga studios where students can explore a variety of options such as aerial yoga and many others depending on intensity level. The outdoor seating and heating also allow for larger events such as the monthly Open Mic Nights, Full-Moon parties, and weekly live music on Saturday nights.

Trilogy Sanctuary complements its exercise classes and events with a cafe that serves organic, vegan, and gluten-free options made completely from scratch. Whitehead and lead chef Scott Steele have imagined a menu that features everything from smoothies and salads to appetizers, entrees and desserts. One highlight is the “two perfect tacos,” which are housemade tortillas filled with quinoa chorizo, eggplant bacon, avocado, sweet potatoes and their special spicy almond love sauce. The freshness of the ingredients allows each dish to shine and stick out from other local eateries because it is the perfect blend of tasting good and feeling good.

At the end of the day, that is what this place is all about: feeling good. Whitehead explains that while the rooftop has amazing views and fresh scents, it is genuinely the feel and the vibe of the place that define it.

“Everyone instantly says the space is amazing,” Whitehead said. “Like wow it’s rooftop and blah blah blah, but the main thing that people always comment about is the vibe. It’s got a very welcoming, homey, relaxing vibe. And that was the idea. We didn’t want to make a place where people would just come and eat and go. We really wanted to encourage them to stay. “

Students are encouraged to go and see this oasis for themselves. After one visit, there is no doubt that they will understand the attraction of one of La Jolla’s hottest new businesses and experience the magic of Trilogy Sanctuary.