Five Coffee Houses Better than Studying in the Library

Jamie Eddy || Feature Editor

Surprise, surprise, exams are around the corner. To ensure sanity, well-being, and study success this finals season, here are some alternative locations to Copley Library. Each coffee house is located in diverse San Diego neighborhoods with FREE Wifi.

1. James Coffee Co. – Little Italy
Blocks away from other delicious establishments such as Ballast Point, Café Gratitude, and Underbelly; James Coffee Co. is the perfect mixture of hipster and coffee connoisseur. But don’t be intimidated, the employees are welcoming, easy going, and make crazy good coffee. The shop also has a cool factor; it is located in a large warehouse among miniature shops surrounding it such as a high-end bike shop, eyewear company, barbershop, and menswear store.

2. Turquoise Coffee – Pacific Beach
Corner street coffee shops like Turquoise Coffee in PB have ample indoor seating with lounge chairs, tall tables, and bar-like seating. In addition, there is outdoor furniture for observers and individuals looking to enjoy the fresh air. It is conveniently located on Cass St. and even better, by 4 p.m. the coffee shop turns into Turquoise Cellars wine bar for those of you who are over 21.

3. Lazy Hummingbird – Ocean Beach
This quaint spot just blocks from the beach serves a variety of pastries, acai bowls, coffee, tea, and cold beverages at a great price for a college budget. Throughout the week there are frequent live music gigs offering customers a calm and musically inviting space to work, read, or simply sip on a latte.

4. Lestat’s Coffee House – Normal Heights
Lestat’s is massive, boasting a large outdoor patio, and an even larger indoor space. The antique style furniture offers a pleasing vintage aesthetic with a variety of textiles, fabrics, and seating options. Plus, they’re open 24/7 — perfect for students who foresee a long night ahead and may not be able to get it done in the comfort of their home for fear of falling asleep.

5. Café Vahik – La Jolla
This coffee house is known for its killer lunch menu which offers high quality sandwiches, salads, wraps, and small bites to satisfy any degree of hunger. Also, Café Vahik opens its doors before sunrise at 6 a.m., and is conveniently situated near the La Jolla cliffs. It’s the perfect spot for early morning surfers to down some caffeine before they enter the water.