Foodie on a mission: the Cottage wows with granola

By Katelyn McCullough

In the hustle and bustle of the modern age, quiet spaces can be hard to find. However, in the heart of La Jolla there lies a cottage that can be that sanctuary for those wanting a place to relax, reconnect with friends and enjoy some comfort food.

The Cottage originated from a makeover. Owners John and Laura Wolfe transformed a pet store into a restaurant almost 20 years ago. Now the Cottage is a place for visitors and locals alike, where a breakfast craving can be satisfied with a warm greeting and a cappuccino.

Amongst the locals the Cottage is known for its fresh baked goods and granola, but also the intimacy that the staff has with the customers.

The Cottage is open for breakfast and lunch, and during the summer dinner is available as well.

Over the years, little changes have been made aside from regular maintenance in order to preserve the quaint feeling of the establishment. However, there was a remodel three years ago to make the restaurant handicap accessible.

While the appealing exterior of the Cottage is what draws people in, the food is what keeps people returning. The majority of the food is local and some organic in order to try and support local California farmers. Some of the favorite dishes are the Eggs La Jolla, a benedict topped with a poached egg, salty Canadian bacon, sautéed mushrooms and spinach and hollandaise sauce. While the combination could result in a gritty melange, the result is pleasant enough to satisfy the appetite.

Other favorites include the house granola topped with plain yogurt, which The Cottage is known for. This favorite is a bowl of granola made with fruit, almonds, oats and coconut, topped with the yogurt to balance the sweetness of the granola and fresh fruit. The bowl is filling despite its description as a light option.

The fish tacos on the other hand are a lightly flavored dish, milder in spice and served with black beans. The hot sauce brought the dish together.

The Cottage also caters to vegetarians, serving up options such as a soy chorizo hash and vegetable omelets. Or for the sugar addicts, a variety of choices are available ranging from lemon ricotta pancakes to a stuffed French toast with a strawberry compote and mascarpone cheese.

With its proximity to the ocean, the Cottage will always have fresh fish dish options ready for lunch and brunch. For breakfast a hearty meal can be enjoyed for $15 or less and for lunch $20 or less. The parking can be difficult, and on the weekends or just for breakfast in general the wait can take up to at least 20 minutes. Cottages may be hard to come by today, but the Cottage is definitely flourishing as a restaurant that may entice you to walk in its doors one day.