Free IT Workshops for all Toreros


Many classes here at USD require the use of computer programs and software to help boost the classroom learning experience. In my own experience, I’ve had to use a variety of programs in quite a few of my business classes.

However, not being a very tech-savvy person, I wished I would have had more experience with these programs beforehand.

Business and art classes in particular at USD often require the use of software such as Microsoft Excel as well as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Programs like these can require a lot of careful attention and detailed experience.

Luckily, USD’s Information Technology Services (ITS) will now be offering free workshops to all students and faculty throughout this spring semester.These workshops include hands-on training with navigating through a wide variety of computer software programs. The programs focused on in the workshops include but are not limited to Blackboard, Google Docs, iMovie, Qualtrics, as well as all of the Adobe programs.

A complete list of all available workshop computer programs as well as the workshop schedule can both be found online on the ITS homepage.

Aside from the group training sessions that are already scheduled, students can also request to have an individual training session, where they will be able to work one-on-one with an experienced user of their chosen program.

Not only is it important to be able to use these computer programs for classes, but also for your future career as well. It’s well-known that programs such as Excel are used constantly in many offices and in various jobs. If you’re going into the business world in particular, it’s impressive to not just be familiar with Excel, but to actually be proficient at using it.

I think that by taking part in these workshops held by ITS, you can get a jumpstart on making yourself a more attractive employee to your future business opportunities. So, you should do yourself a favor and make sure that you take advantage of these workshops throughout the semester. After all, they’re free!