Gavin Newsom campaigns in San Diego

Photos courtesy of Ele Brugger

This past Wednesday, March 15, several University of San Diego students attended a meet and greet with Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom for his campaign for California Governor.

The event, located just north of Linda Vista in the Union Machinist Hall, attracted a crowd of about 200 locals. All seemed excited to hear California’s potential new governor’s stance on health care, education reform, and more issues.

The previous mayor of San Francisco boasted that he is  a self-made businessman and long-time political activist. Newsom said that  he helped bring city wide assistance to San Francisco’s homeless population, advocated for same-sex marriage, and worked to implement single payer healthcare.

After attendees settled into their seats, hearing introductions from staff aides, Newsom took the stage.

Remarking on California’s propensity in leading the nation to adopt more inclusive policies, Newsom highlighted the importance of taking action as a state.

“I don’t want us to secede,” Newsom said. “I want us to lead.”

The topics he touched on included implementing health care reform, creating more sanctuary cities, and working for student loan forgiveness. These issues seem to be at the forefront of many California residents’ and college students’ minds.

After his address, he answered the crowd’s questions  in a critical group discussion.

“The future isn’t something to predict; it is something to manifest,” Newsom said.

The event seemed to be a tangible taste of democracy, a small room of engaged individuals, coming together to have the community’s voices heard and discussed.

Ele Brugger | Contributor