Get fit, stay fit in San Diego

By Brittany Carava

Orange Theory
This interval-based class brings together a variety of cardio machines and exercises to create a fulfilling workout. Originating in Orange County, Orange Theory relies on five zone heart rate interval training to create an impactful workout incorporating treadmills, indoor rowing machines and weight resistance training.
Local locations:

La Jolla, Point Loma

Student take:

“I like that the classes are never the same so I never get sick of it. I also like that it is an interval-based exercise so the hour goes by super quick. I like how you wear heart rate monitors so you can monitor your fitness level during the whole class, it helps me push myself. They also play good music.”
-Nicole Steinmetz, senior

Corepower Yoga
One of the more popular heated yoga studios, Corepower offers a variety of classes for various skill level and heat level. If you are just starting out, try their C1 class that introduces students into the series of poses that other classes build off of. If you are a bit more experienced and looking for a full body workout, the sculpt with weights class incorporates a bit more cardio and muscle toning into the class.

Local locations:
Mission Valley, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Hillcrest

Student take:
“I absolutely love the vibe at CorePower Yoga! It’s so unbelievably welcoming and relaxing. The classes I attend help me to feel centered and stress-free while giving me a fantastic workout. I can’t speak highly enough about the staff who constantly encourages me to push beyond my boundaries and continue to challenge myself.”
-Allie Linehan, senior

Club Pilates
This reformer-based class focuses on the strengthening and stretching of the body and well being of the mind. This full-body workout incorporates core activation combined with a focus on breathing in order to achieve inner balance.

Local locations:
North Park, Morena/Linda Vista

Student take:

“ I love the fact that the instructors are so approachable and always willing to correct your form. Since the classes are so small, it makes for a personal workout as opposed to bigger group classes. They also always have specials going on for new members and a large variety of classes for beginners who have never tried pilates before to cardio sculpt where you can burn a ton have calories and have fun too.”
-Sandra Gadow, senior

Combining fast-paced conditioning and strength training, the CrossFit program is designed to provide people with a workout similar to that of police and military special operations. People of every athletic background are able to experience a more well-rounded workout by improving their power, speed, stamina, coordination and balance.

Local locations:
Morena/Linda Vista, Mission Valley, Little Italy

Student take:
I loved that it was a total workout. Crossfit not only works every part of your body but it also teaches you that your mind sets limitations and you normally stop when you feel discomfort but with crossfit you learn to push yourself past those believed limitations and realize you are capable of more than you thought.
-Megan Sacco, sophomore