Google Glass is a revolutionary new technology

By Rebecca Lukito

With the upcoming release of Google Glass, there has been speculation on the impact it will have on students. For those who haven’t heard of Google Glass yet, it is a revolutionary piece of technology shaped like a pair of glasses. Google Glass is like wearing a computer or a smartphone that you can control with your voice.

It features many options including a weather feature, reminders section, text messages, recording and video capabilities, photos and much more. Google Glass can also Google search anything, including locations and directions.

Glass is activated with the phrase “Okay Glass.” For example, if you wanted to record a video, you would say, “Okay Glass, record a video” or if you wanted to get directions to a certain location, you would say “Okay Glass, give directions to [location].”

According to the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, the idea for the Glass was to have a hands-free device where people could explore the world without a smartphone and yet still stay connected.
He has stated that the prototype was originally a smartphone strapped to the head. Now, the design of Glass is sleek yet distinctive, with the band across the forehead and the glass itself covering only one eye.

Google Glass has been featured in recent events including Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2012 Fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

In her show, models wore the Glass down the catwalk and filmed the reactions of the audience. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also been known to be interested in Glass.

Project Glass is the section within Google that created Google Glass. Steve Lee, one of the creators working on Project Glass tested Glass in social situations. He found that even in a crowded San Francisco bar, no one noticed anything except for the group of friends he was meeting.

This implies that even though the Glass may be a little different looking, it should be socially acceptable to wear in public without garnering ridicule.

“The ultimate goal here is to serve everyone and make this a universal device” said Steve Lee in an interview with FastCompany.

As more USD students become aware of the release of Google Glass, the potential effect it may have on schools and education is being discussed on campuses and through social networks.

While students tend to think that it is an interesting technological advancement, most are unwilling to pay the price for Glass- especially since most students already have smartphones.
Many USD students agree that Google Glass is a stepping stone towards the advancement of technology.

“I approve of Google funding these futuristic technologies because of the potential advances in both hardware software that such research could lead to” said sophomore Dan Partynski. “Having said that, I would be very tentative about using it because I’m used to the classic computer paradigm.”

Other USD students share this same view. “I think the Google Glass is an incredible and revolutionary device that integrates in a seamless way an impressive quantity of technological developments. I cannot even imagine how someone came up with that incredible idea, or how they managed to develop it” said sophomore Paulina Canizales. “Even though I am amazed by it, I am not a very technological person. I haven’t even learned how use all the features of my smartphone, so I probably would not purchase one.”

Although such advancements in technology are extraordinary, they come with a price, and Google Glass may be the most expensive addition to the world of smartphones and smart technology yet.
Many USD students are unwilling to pay that price even though they are excited about this new technology.

“I wouldn’t spend 1k on glasses unless it significantly improved my life and I honestly don’t see how it could enhance my life” said junior Thien Nguyen.

Although Google Glass is so revolutionary, many are skeptical as to how it will negatively affect face-to-face communication and interaction.

“It seems a bit impractical and cuts off your communication with people…I personally think. The idea seems interesting though!” said sophomore Laura Campo.

Google Glass had an exclusive release, where people sent in potential uses they had for the Glass and then Google would choose certain people to be able to purchase the Glass.

While the Explorer Glass and the early release Glass cost around $1,500, there has been speculation that the price of Glass will be lower for the general public.

The new and revolutionary Google Glass is said to be released to the public at the end of this year.