Gregory Alan Isakov at Lestat’s Coffe Shop Tonight!

Photo Courtesy Todd Roeth

A man born in South Africa, raised in Philadelphia and now living in Boulder, Col. could make nothing less than beautiful music. Gregory Alan Isakov, who names Bruce Springsteen and Iron and Wine as two of his main influences, released his most recent album, This Empty Northern Hemisphere, last summer, and is touring this summer in support of it. He plays Lestat’s tonight, June 10th, and I am more than prepared to take in a calming yet moving, beautiful display of his talent and melodic prowess. While a show review will be posted tomorrow, save your reading capabilities for a book and catch the show yourself tonight at 8. Lestat’s is located on Adams Avenue. More information can be found at their website,

If you can’t make it, check out some of my favorite songs off the album. Album opener “Dandelion Wine” is swooning, while “Light Year” is pleasantly upbeat and “Words” has some of the most literary-ily romantic lyrics I’ve heard in a great while. Finally, “Master & A Hound” is beyond-words-incredible.

Gregory Alan Isakov

Dandelion Wine

01 Dandelion Wine

Light Year

02 Light Year


10 Words

Master & A Hound

07 Master & A Hound