Groove of the Grove

Bedford Grove takes PETCO Park bv storm. (photo by Tom Roth)

While shooting a photo assignment recently, I was approached by one of the vendors at the event. A few minutes of conversation brought us to the topic of music. My acquaintance had been in the music industry before her current line of work as a fashion designer. As conversations regarding music sometimes go, we began trying to impress one another by naming off local artists, some more obscure than others. When it came my turn to wow her with my musical awareness, I mentioned Bedford Grove. She looked at me like Pavarotti would look at Justin Beiber, that is, with an expression mixed with amusement and pity. She gently told me that everyone who is anyone in the San Diego music scene has heard of Bedford Grove. Attempting to save face, I changed the subject.

As mentioned, Bedford Grove has been an integral part of the San Diego music scene since its formation in 2006. In a relatively short span of time, BFG has made more than a name for itself by sharing the stage with the likes of Pat Benatar, Macy Gray and John Legend. Not bad for a group of 20-somethings playing the occasional show with only one album out. Not bad at all.

“Welcome to Our Side of Town”, the group’s debut album, put BFG on the San Diego music scene’s radar. (check out USD Radio’s album review here). With its soulful sound infused with rock and R&B, the album stuck in enough minds to snag a Best Local Record nomination in 2008’s San Diego Music Awards.

Since then, BFG has been creating and performing new pieces. I sat down with Marc Gould, frontman and vocalist for Bedford Grove, after the group’s recent show at PETCO Park’s Western Metal Theatre where they played with Macy Gray and John Legend. The concert featured several new titles including “Jellybean”, “Saturday Night”, “Cherry Pie” and “Risk Taker” all of which had the crowd toe-tapping and head nodding.  Such catchy tunes can be found on the group’s upcoming sophomore album, due out this spring.

Tracks off of the album have become favorites with audiences throughout the area. On a regular basis, BFG can be found rocking the stage at Anthology in the Little Italy neighborhood but the big shows are the ones grabbing the headlines. Marc explained that much of the group’s exposure has been a result of self-promotion. For example, a series of pre-show interviews on San Diego’s KUSI, CW and FOX5 stations were personally organized by Gould and the band (see FOX5’s interview with BFG here).

Keep an eye out for Bedford Grove. If the success of their debut album is any indication, whatever they’ve got up their sleeves will be big.