Hallmark for the holidays

They’re cheesy and predictable and full of classic Christmas catastrophes but, nevertheless, Hallmark Christmas specials are addicting. Airing all day, every day in the month leading up to Christmas, these specials give the perfect distraction from the stress of the holidays.

A bit more dramatic than traditional Christmas movies, your problems will lack in comparison to the dilemmas these protagonists get into. You’ll be wishing for some holiday magic to save the day, while you nervously sip hot cocoa on the couch. And, in a twist of relief, everything always turns out perfectly for them in the last 10 minutes. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Hallmark Christmas movies are the perfect films to watch while you wrap presents or trim the tree. They’re a great pick for the family to cozy up to with stomachs full from feasting. But there is something special about watching alone, under a blanket, with a Christmas cookie or four. It’s the perfect escape from reality: you experience the snow falling, a brief bit of tension, and then a flood of happiness that seeps into your own reality. It gives you a little hope that, while your holidays might be a fumble right now, it will work out perfectly by Christmas day.

Senior Kaitlin Goodhart noted that the films are fun to watch because they are so cliché.

“I think they’re enjoyable because they’re so cheesy,” Goodhart said. “Holidays are stressful for everyone no matter what your age is, and those classic Hallmark movies in a way relieve your stress. The cheesiness takes you out of reality.”

These films have become such a staple in the holidays that some bloggers have even designed games to go along with them. Take the Hallmark Christmas movie bingo, for example, in which you mark off tropes like snowball fights and fake significant others while you are binging. On another site, you can generate your own cheesy storyline for the holidays.

Despite producing low-budget films, Hallmark gets big views. When their “Countdown to Christmas” started on Nov. 22, they had the most-watched network for women ages 18-54, according to Forbes. Their original content isn’t just made for women either. All of their Christmas shows are family-friendly, so kids can sit around and watch them too.

If you want to add some variety to the classics with a pinch of drama and a lot of happy endings, then tune into Hallmark channel in December. It’s guaranteed to provide a seasonal escape from exams, shopping, or even your crazy family.

By Brooklyn Dippo, Editor in Chief