Halloween costume round-up

Juliana Curtis


This Halloween, I saw a lot of new trends and costumes that I thought were extremely funny, interesting or just downright awesome. I have to say, I am very impressed by the creativity and tedious detail that some people put into their costumes. However, I also was quite amazed at how even after so many warnings and attempts to stop students from being offensive this Halloween, those words were not taken to heart and resulted in some rather disappointing costumes as well.

As students of USD, it should be ingrained in our brains to always take caution when approaching a controversial situation involving culture, race and other highly sensitive topics. I understand that people make mistakes or are just uneducated in their decision-making. However, I do believe we can be better than that.

That being said, let’s just take a minute to re-clarify the Halloween “no-no’s,” because after seeing some of these costumes last weekend, I think we all need a reminder.

It is unethical and unnecessary to dress up as anything having to do with the Ebola crisis. Whether it be a patient, a nurse, or a containment officer, in no way can it be justified. Let’s not mock something that is killing many people right now. Next, I highly advise against dressing as a terrorist. This one should hopefully be obvious in why it is offensive.

I saw a huge trend this year of people wearing Dia de los Muertos makeup. This one is controversial, as some people see it as appreciation, and others as appropriation. My opinion is unless you are fully informed on the meaning behind this culturally and spiritually loaded Mexican holiday, avoid borrowing their traditional makeup just for a Halloween costume. Better yet, just avoid anything that mocks or pokes fun at anything that someone might take great offense to. Got it? Yay.

Now, on a much brighter note, I also saw some costumes that I thought were amazing. A sorority sister of mine was a “Holy Cow,” wearing a spotted cow dress with wings and a halo. Easy, funny and adorable.

I also saw three girls dress up as trees, calling themselves a “treesome,” which I thought was funny, but still tasteful. For couples, Wendy Peppercorn and Squints from the Sandlot was popular this year. Also, I loved the two that went as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” and a Dos Equis bottle.

Lastly, I would just like to know: what is the deal with this new trend of girls dressing up as deer? Is it just me that thinks this is a little creepy? Let me know.