Halloween sells sex

Sarah Brewington | News Editor | The USD Vista


Be sexy Olaf this Halloween! Take the delights of your childlike self, and the favorite character of your nieces and nephews, and pimp it out for this year’s Halloween costume. You are sure to be a hit amongst the sexy Anas, and sexy Elsas, even the Christophs, and God bless the person who goes as Sven.

Get down in your white jump suit that hugs your torso with your pom pom buttons. Don’t forget your carrot nose; it will complement the rest of your costume. With your white knee-high tights and your white gloves, you will surely look the part.

Next to sexy Rosie the Riveter and sexy nurse, your sexy Olaf costume will fit in perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, you can dress sexy if you want. If we want to be sexy Rosie the Riveter, “we can do it”, but if you want to just be Rosie the Riveter, our search will be a little more difficult. My problem is that choices for females are minimal: if you are looking for something a little more conservative, I would check the men’s costume aisle. For women, if you are not looking for sexy, you won’t be dressing up this Halloween.

When a female wants to buy a Halloween costume, everything has the word sexy in front of it. Why go as Olaf, when you can be “sexy Olaf”? A holiday that you used to delight over as a child has become a time when “sexy cats” walk out of hundreds of dorm rooms.

The world sells sex, and we buy it. Even a symbol of equality, like Rosie the Riveter, who stood for a time when women became factory workers, can be turned into a sexier version.

But sexy Olaf, the cuddly snowman from Frozen, I don’t understand. If you try a Google search, any adult female Halloween costume that is not sexy, it will probably look homemade. If you want to buy a costume that is not sexy, make sure you specify that in the search, otherwise you are sure to get “slutty pumpkin costume.”

It is disappointing that women who want to dress up for Halloween have two options: sexy or make it yourself. Male costumes don’t naturally have the word sexy in front of them. Of course, if you want to be a sexy cowboy, you can be, but guys have to type in that word. A search of male costumes does not automatically yield sexy in front of every web address.

In a society obsessed with sex, even the activities that seemed so innocent as a child become more seductive as we become adults. Maybe be a baby this Halloween, after all, the female costume options already look like onesies. If you want to be sexy Olaf you better hurry, they sold out last year.