Halos n’ Horns Music Fest




Little known to most students down here at USD, this year kicks off what will hopefully become a Halloween tradition for Orange County. The Halos N’ Horns Music Fest should catch your attention for diverse acts which promise you to have a good time on possibly the most important weekend of first semester. We know you have plans for Halloween night but why not do something else the night before to kick the weekend off right. Check out a few bands, find some new music, and most importantly, dance the night away. The lineup itself provides a promising mix of music.

line_up HNH


Here’s my rational for the night: With Shiny Toy Guns, Iglu & Hartly, Bassnecter, Girl Talk and Shwayze on the bill, the night is well worth forty bucks. In case you’re on the edge about heading up there, here are some video clips to help encourage your attendance.

Korn: Let’s be honest here, Korn isn’t everyone’s favorite band. I’m not thrilled that these guys are the headliners, but I’ll definitely check them out just to say that I’ve seen Korn.

Freak on A Leash

Bassnecter: I feel like not enough people know about Bassnectar. This group is social experiment that’s part electronica, part trip-hop, and incredibly unique.

Bomb the Blocks

Shiny Toy Guns: A new wave/indie rock band that stormed onto the scene in 2006. Their debut album, We Are Pilots, produced three Alt Top-30 hits and their most recent album, Season of Poison, has landed two singles on the Alt Top-30. The band is known to be amazing live and sound exactly like they do on the CD.

You Are The One

Shwayze: California cool rapper Shwayze preforms with Cisco Adler and reminds us of the good life in California. It may be October, but when Shwayze and Cisco Adler take the stage, it’ll feel like Mission Beach in July for me.

Corona & Lime (Acoustic)

Girl Talk: Anyone who saw Milkman on Friday at USD can expect even more excitement from Girl Talk. Mashup after mashup, I can guarentee that you’ll have no choice but to move you body to the music. I’ve seen Girl Talk before and overall, you can expect a great show.

Girl Talk (Live)

Sooo, if you’re looking for something fun to do on Halloween Weekend, make sure to check Halos N’ Horn Music Fest Out. For $40, the festival is a steal.

Check out the link below for directions to the event.

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