Holding out for homecoming

Outside the doors of the SLP hangs a banner commencing Homecoming and Family Weekend.

Victoria Zielinski | Asst. Opinion Editor | The USD Vista

Former and current Toreros are eagerly gearing up for this weekend’s Homecoming and Family Weekend from Oct. 12-15.


At the University of San Diego in past years, this has meant a concert, tailgate, and football game. These traditions may be typical to a college campus, but USD’s website advertised a “re-imagined weekend” for Homecoming 2017.


In anticipation of the homecoming football game against Morehead State University on Saturday Oct. 14, a tailgate will be held before the game for students and families to celebrate, as well as a homecoming concert.


Rapper B.o.B  will be performing at the Big Blue Bash Concert on Friday, Oct. 13. The concert is free for students and their families to attend.


The website highlights reliving good times, reconnecting with great friends, and creating new memories. The events of homecoming at USD seem to cater toward alumni, with many class reunions of students from various graduating years. Currents students at USD can enjoy the homecoming concert and football game, and they have the opportunity to connect with former Toreros.


Junior Ell Repsher shared that she is most excited to attend the B.o.B concert.


“I remember I loved the song ‘Airplanes’ in middle school, so I was so excited when I found out B.o.B would be performing,” Repsher said. “It’ll be such a throwback and so fun to go to with my friends.”


Repsher’s family will not be attending family weekend this year, but she has fond memories of her parents visiting for family weekend in the past.


“My younger brother attends USD too, and my parents visited my sophomore year for family weekend,” Repsher said. “We had a fun time going to the beach together and then attending the football game.  I have really fond memories of the weekend and encourage people to take advantage of all the activities.”


Junior Jazmin Gonzales is looking forward to attending her first football game at USD.


“Even though I’m a junior, I haven’t been to a USD football game yet” Gonzales said. “I think Homecoming Weekend would be a good first”


Gonzales shared that in the past she did not have an interest in attending the homecoming game, but this year she is eager to attend the tailgate and share her support with fellow Toreros.

The Torero store is filled with USD gear students and families can wear and buy during the weekend.

“I’m excited to go to the tailgate before the game and show my school spirit by wearing all blue,” Gonzales said. “I’ve been to tailgates at other schools, but I’m not really sure what to expect from USD.”


Junior Megan Herz is also excited to attend the homecoming football game, as her parents and brother will be traveling from the Bay Area to visit for Homecoming and Family Weekend.


“It’s nice that Homecoming Weekend also includes Family Weekend because it gives my family a reason to come down and visit,” Herz said. “We’re going to all go to the football game together, and then we’re going to go out to eat and explore San Diego over the weekend. It’ll be fun to spend time with them because I won’t see them again until Thanksgiving.”


Homecoming and Family Weekend offers a variety of activities that families can participate in, such as kayaking with Outdoor Adventures at the Seven Caves in La Jolla or moonlight canoeing on San Diego Bay. Students and families will also have the option to participate in ‘The Amazing Torero Race.’ They will race around the campus exploring hidden gems and completing various challenges.


Herz also said that it gives her family a chance to spend time on campus.


“I plan on showing them the new Colachis Plaza and how that area looks totally different now,” Herz said. “They haven’t seen the campus since they helped me move into my dorm last year, so they’ll get to see how it’s changed.”


No matter what Toreros’ plans are for the weekend, it seems that homecoming weekend is bringing a new buzz of excitement to those who will be attending. Hopefully, students’ plans for the weekend will provide enjoyment and lasting memories of Homecoming and Family Weekend for years to come.