Homecoming Weekend Concert: Student Openers

Garrett Stollar


– USD Sophomore

– Skills: guitar and vocals

– Experience: playing piano (9 yrs), guitar (6 yrs), bass and

  drums (7 yrs)

– Song selection: Showcasing three original songs

– Performance expectations: Excited to play at the biggest show

  so far in his life

– Pre-show rituals: Drinking lots of water, deep breaths

– Artist inspiration: Ed Sheeran

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Band members: USD Seniorseliza

– Miles Mitchell (vocalist and guitarist), Eliza Rose Vera

  (vocalist and guitarist), Julian Carmichael (lead bass and

  vocalist), Kevin Freyre (drums), Max Merrill (vocalist), and

  Andrew Irwin (lead guitarist)

– Experience: All members have been playing instruments and

  studying music for 15 years on average

– Song selection: Showcasing 5 songs, 3 of them originals

– Performance expectations: Excited for a big production

– Pre-show rituals: Rehearse the day of and hang out together

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