“I Hamburgled Your Mom” hosted by CC Thunderdome


(Kevin, isn’t she beautiful.)

Chello good samaritans. Hope all is well on the home front in your respected places of shelter. I hope that all you fellas out there are well on your way to becoming furry beasts in the month of November (No Shave November, for all those noob squids who don’t know what I’m talking about.) To all those men or lack there of, that have been shaving this November, you should ashamed of yourself. The very foundation of this country was built by men whisker-afied to the 10th degree. By neglecting your whiskers you are slapping Lincoln in the face. Your just spat and George Washington, and in return George cheeto-chopped you in the throat. To the ladies out there please try to not hate on the whiskers of the youth of America, deep inside you like it, you do. If you don’t please avoid my show, because whisker haters aren’t allowed. To the walrus-esk individuals out there, shine on soldiers shine on. The morning dew sparkles on the corners of your mustache.

“I Hamburgled Your Mom”

Songs on this show (in order of appearance):

  • Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings- Sunset Rubdown
  • Dragonfly- Universal Hall Pass
  • Guitar- Cake
  • I Will Dare- The Replacements
  • Pioneers- Block Party
  • My Humps- Port O’Brien
  • Eye Examination- Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
  • I Turn My Camera On- Spoon
  • Groundswell- Throw Me The Statue
  • Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms- Frightened Rabbit
  • Murderers- John Frusciante
  • Sealegs- The Shins

Grow It Long,