“In And Out Of Control” The Raveonettes album review by Jodee Debes

The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes return with a Bang!, just as their first song is appropriately titled, after a two-year gap from their last album, Lust Lust Lust, released in 2007. Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo entertain us once again with their infamous guitar sound and whisper harmonies, but don’t let their soft and upbeat music fool you. If you listen closely to the detailed lyrics, you will be pleasantly surprised by some truthful and twisted poetry.

Standing on the border of noise band and pop duo, The Raveonettes set the bar high in the first half of In And Out Of Control, but leave us still wanting more in the second half of the album that simply proves once again their knack for musical fuzz and distortion, which sounds best when played especially loud.

With tracks titled “Suicide”, “Oh, I Buried You Today”, and “Gone Forever” The Raveonettes set the tone for a brutally descriptive tale of emotions and turmoil, which they tell through some dark lyrical content set against optimistic and simplistic chords. “Boys Who Rape” can be identified as the catchiest public service announcement of the year. While the Danish duo return to their Buddy Holly inspired roots by entertaining us with “Last Dance” that epitomizes the essence of 50’s pop and leaves me wishing it was played at my prom.

Overall, The Raveonettes are crashing into the music scene like never before and definitely earning serious street credit amongst listeners by adding a whole new meaning to rock ‘n’ roll. Sune who is also the songwriting brainchild behind The Raveonettes describes their sound as “a tribute to a lot of the great music” that has come before them, but in this album they definitely stay true to their own musical talents. They are due to perform at Austin City Limits and continue their tour throughout the United States, finally making pit stops in Solana Beach on November 12th and Los Angeles on November the 13th.