“In Utero” Nirvana album review by Nick Peterson

Nirvana - In Utero

In 9th grade, our Pacific Northwest History teacher–Major Marshal Mah–assigned a semester report. While our classmates delved into Salmon runs, chief Seattle and the burlington railroad, Chris maccini and I choose Nirvana. that being said, i’d consider the final album of nirvana’s stardom to be a relic of PNW history.

Now google gives me 31 million hits for a ‘Nirvana” search, a testament to how much has already been said. But I’d add that while the 1992 breakout album “nevermind” has been played to death, “In Utero” is wildly underappreciated, and actually better than “Nevermind”. A listen shows you an aging Cobain, a mastered sound that defined Grunge music at its finest, and  an album that should have been received on a much greater scale. Literally every song on the album is excellent, but “Rape Me”, “scentless Apprentice”, “Penny Royal tea” and “all Apologies” are amongst not only Nirvana’s best songs, but some of the best of the early nineties. The much less polished Post-nevermind sound is a beautiful end to the Nirvana catalogue, and one you should most definitely give a listen to.

Afterall, it’s history.