Injury Problems

By Hunter Jameson


Professional athletes are constantly putting their bodies at risk when they step foot on the field or court. One missed step or false move can result in a season-ending injury if they are not careful. I always feel so bad for players who train all year long just to have their season ended by a serious injury. Even if they make a comeback, they might not be as quick or dynamic as they were before.

Some injuries are just brutal for everyone who has to witness it. Whether it is in person, on television or on social media, the agony spreads throughout the whole sporting world when serious injuries occur. I can remember where I was when University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware fractured his leg during an NCAA game in 2013. I cringed when I saw the replay on social media, similar to my reaction when San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman tore his ACL and MCL in the National Football Conference Championship game last year against the Seattle Seahawks. Some injuries can bring tears to the die-hard fans of an injured player.

Over the weekend, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant fractured his foot with the regular season right around the corner. In the NFL, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz tore his patellar tendon on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles and was sobbing while being carted off the field. Seeing so much emotion from Cruz is heartbreaking because it could be a long time before he steps on a football field again. Thankfully these players have some of the best doctors in the country available to help them recover. Durant’s injury is definitely worrisome for the Thunder organization and fans because he is the reigning NBA MVP and scoring champion.

He is such an impactful player that several players will need to step up during his absence for the team to have success. Cruz will definitely be a motivating factor from the sidelines for the rest of the season. Sometimes a team will take an injury like this, and use it to motivate them for the rest of the season in honor of the injured player. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants players work harder than in previous weeks for Cruz.

With so much negativity in this column, I feel like I need to end on a positive note. Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will be healthy starting the regular season for the first time in two years. I’m not a Bulls fan, but I will be rooting for him this season because he deserves to succeed after working so hard.