Interview: Blasterjaxx

Annalysa Vasquez | Contributor | USDRadio |


I remember my first time seeing the Dutch duo known as Blasterjaxx live in San Francisco at Ruby Skye. It was such an energetic, fun, and exciting experience. No other artists has brought such a feeling to their club or festivals like Blasterjaxx has. There is no doubt that they bring the fire to any production and leave fans wanting more after a performance. Blasterjaxx has been killing the EDM scene for a few years now even making it in the top 20 of the DJ Mag Top 100 for two years in a row. They even recently released their newest track ‘Heartbreak’ on their very own label Maxximized. Since their rise to success there have been a multitude of interviews with them. Although I love reading and watching those interviews, I couldn’t help but get bored because they all say the same thing! They all ask about how Blasterjaxx got their name, how they started, who their influences are, and blah blah blah. You can find all that information on the videos they post to their Youtube channel or even Wikipedia, but I wanted to do something different. I always enjoy interviews that ask fun and interesting questions and thats exactly what I did.

What is the worst question an interviewer has asked you?

Blasterjaxx: “Are you guys Blasterjaxx?” Man, it was the worst! I couldn’t believe someone who wanted to or was assigned to ask us questions didn’t even know who we were.

What has been your favorite question asked in an interview?

Blasterjaxx: Oh it was a really funny one, it was for a Dutch interview, but this guy asked us “When you sit on the toilet, do you fold the toilet paper to wipe your butt, or do you just wad it up into a ball?” It was the funniest question ever!

You guys are always meeting your fans everywhere you go, what is the craziest thing a fan has asked you to do?

Blastejaxx: The craziest thing a fan really asked us, this is a true story and kind of shameful, but this guy asked for us to spend the night with his girlfriend because he was such a big fun and that was his tribute to us. We thought that he was absolutely crazy! Also, there was one time a couple of people spent the night in an airport terminal in Italy to be there for our arrival for a show! If I could also make a side note, we have a lot of fans making after movies to our shows, making clothes, and BlasterSoldier Twitter accounts from many countries to show their support for us. We even had one fan create a compilation of videos for Idir’s birthday and it was really sweet of them. We love our fans and all the things they do for us and we always appreciate their support.

What is the strangest interaction with a fan?

Blasterjaxx: Well, it happens quite often when fans cry when they meet us because it is so strange for us to experience that. We try to calm them down because we are just normal, and we tell them “ssshhh its ok, everything is going to be ok,” but then we feel special that fans feel so strongly for us.

What is one of the most ridiculous/strangest items you have requested on your rider?

Blasterjaxx: Well to be honest, we don’t really have too crazy requests for our riders. But one time we did ask for a couple of gold gay fish- I think that was the craziest. We also ask for random things like a pair of dumb bells and tickets for the lottery.

If you weren’t producing EDM, what kind of music would you like to make?

Blasterjaxx: We like to make every kind of music. Lately, we are really into using instruments in our productions so we can make all kinds of music. I think I could make everything from hip-hop, to latin house, to samba.

When was the last time you were really scared?

Blasterjaxx: It was almost a year and a half ago, we were flying to Kuala Lumpur for a festival and their was such bad turbulence that the flight attendant flew up and hit the ceiling of the cabin. I was so scared, my hands were sweaty and I just kept closing my eyes praying inside that we make it.

What do you guys think about when you’re playing a show?

Blasterjaxx: Usually, I’m on auto pilot because I’m focused on putting on a great show for the audience. For Idir, he is the kind of guy that likes to look in the crowd and see the fans and take in his surroundings.

What makes you laugh really hard?

Blasterjaxx: Two things: Unexpected hilarious things, and trying to have a conversation the day after a night of drinking. We try to have serious conversations about the night before or about business and we cant because we are still half drunk and half sober! It’s so funny!

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Blasterjaxx: Yeah it would be the super power to travel to every place. The reason why is because I could see my girlfriend more often, and it would save a lot of money on plane tickets when we go on tour.

If you could time travel, where would you go to and why?

Blasterjaxx: I love the Dark Ages, I think I love it because I have a romanticized image of it even though thats not exactly how it was. But I love history! So I think it would be amazing to go to different eras to experience and see all the history.

What is the best advice you have ever been given? Did you actually take it?

Blasterjaxx: Some one told me “to believe in yourself.” We actually did take that advice because during our beginnings as Blasterjaxx we made music that wasn’t popular or mainstream or what everyone else was producing so we had to believe in ourselves to continue making the music we wanted because we like it and thought it was cool.

What would you want to be reincarnated as?

Blasterjaxx: I would want to come back as another person but I dont know if that will happen or how often that happens. To be honest, I think if I come back, I would come back as whatever as long as I am happy or not a dog haha.

Both of you have girlfriends from the U.S., and both of them are from California, what is it like to be in an international relationship?

Blasterjaxx: Dutch girls are a pain in the butt, but our girls are so different than what we are used to so we really like it. Its hard with the distance, but because of our job and lifestyle we are able to see them more than a normal long distance couple would.

Christmas is right around the corner, so how do you celebrate the holidays?

Blasterjaxx: I would like to spend time drinking beer.. Just kidding! I have a girlfriend living in San Diego so I like to go there and spend time with her and her family and coming back to my country to hangout with my family.