Interview: Chris Lake

We recently spoke with DJ Chris Lake while on his Rising Fall Tour.

We recently spoke with DJ Chris Lake while on his Rising Fall Tour.

By: Clarisse Hansard

Chris Lake is an English producer who has been making music for the last 15 years and has achieved rising fame with several Billboard hits and even a Grammy nomination. On his Rising Fall tour, Lake gave the opening slots of each night of his tour to new and upcoming artists as a way for them to promote their music. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Lake about his career, goals, the Electronic music scene, and even his upcoming releases.

Question: Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your history as an artist and producer.

Chris Lake: Sure!  So I’m Chris Lake, and I’m a House Music producer, DJ & label owner.  I’ve been making records and DJing now for over 15 years, and releasing records since 2001.
Q: Is there an ultimate accomplishment that you hope to achieve in the world of music? Is this a boundless career?

CL: Hmmm, I’d love to win a grammy!  I’ve had a grammy nomination for my part in one of the Deadmau5 albums. There is so much that can be achieved in this industry though, it’s so exciting to have a career like this, and be able to be creative all the time.

Q: Have there been any particularly definitive moments for you since you started making music?

CL: It was great watching my record Changes go global.  I made it in a room in my parents house! The record seemed to touch so many people at the time, it’s amazing to watch and experience.

Photo Credit: Rising Music, via Facebook
Q: With music, especially within EDM, there can be a lot of pressure to keep up with the rise and fall of the popularities of certain genres. Do you think it’s smarter  for artists to stick to the music that they love to create or should they be trying to branch out  constantly into new sounds?

CL: I think it depends on each artist.  Personally I make records I’ll enjoy myself first, then I think about if other people will like them.  My sound has changed a lot over the years, but I think that’s mostly [due] to the fact I love so many different styles of music.  I like to challenge myself, and I’ll never be that guy that does just one thing.  It’s too boring for me and doesn’t invigorate my soul.

Q: As a producer you run Rising Music. When you’re listening to demos from new or smaller artists, what are you looking for? What makes their music stand out?

CL: I’m listening for an x factor.  Something that sounds different from everything else that’s out there right now.  We’ve found some unbelievable talents over the years.  Deadmau5, Sebastien Leger, Michael Woods, TJR, Nom De Strip, Marco Lys, Rene Amesz, Hardwell, R3hab.  These guys have all gone on to have massive careers because they bring something different to this music, and we’ve always been involved in that process.  We try to innovate more than most I feel.

Q: For the Rising Fall tour, you’re giving local DJs the opportunity to open your shows. This is a huge opportunity for them. How did this idea come about?

CL: It’s just a great opportunity for local DJs to get onto a major show in their area.  It’s easy for us to do, and we’re excited to give these artists their opportunity.  I can’t wait to hear what some of them spin!

Photo credit: DiscoverSD, via Rising Music Facebook
Q: Being an English producer, did you find there were any particular challenges to reaching the US and the rest of the world?

CL: Yeah it was tough for me to get noticed initially, but once our internet connection changed to broadband from a 56k modem, it no longer took me 1 hour to send an mp3 to people, so I was able to get my music to more people, and managed to get my name out there more.  When I think back to how different it was only 10-15 years ago, it’s crazy how lucky today’s producers are.  If you’re good, you have a very high chance of getting noticed.

Q: Are there any dream collaborations you have in mind?

CL: At the moment, no, I’m quite focused on solo work for once!

Q: Can you tell us anything about plans you have coming up during and after the Rising Fall tour?

CL: Yes, I’ll be releasing more music on Ultra records.  I’ve just given them a ton of music for them to release, so I have no idea what order it’ll be in, I just know I’m super happy with it all! I’ve also got a remix I did with Nom De Strip of NAPT’s “Come On Surreder,” which I think is f**king awesome!  I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Q: Finally, speaking as a producer, do you have any suggestions for new and upcoming artists.

CL: Search for that unique feature/sound/ability that makes you stand out from everyone else.  Without that, it’s so hard to get noticed, and if you’re copying other people, you’ll always be second to an idea, which isn’t very exciting at all.  Be creative!

Last weekend, Chris Lake DJed in San Diego as a part of his Rising Fall Tour at the House of Blues. His new music, as mentioned above, will be released sometime in the near future on Ultra Records. For the time being, check out his Soundcloud. His latest track, “Boneless,” a collaboration with Steve Aoki and Tujamo, is available now on iTunes.