Interview with Bob “Cornelius” Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots by Adrian/Ariel Coto

So recently we had the privilege of email interviewing Bob Rifo, the man behind the oh so hard, oh so heavy electro duo known as the Bloody Beetroots.  This Venetian master of fashion and music has been remixing, producing, and putting together the most energetic and hard live shows.  Being as huge of a fan as I am, I was no doubt giddy when we got his response.

What lead you guys into DJing?

It’s just another string to my bow…. the challenge is to bring the spirit of punk to electronica.

How do you like working together as a duo during your live sets?

The whole Bloody Beetroots live and dj set thing started when I brought Tommy aboard.
We still get on! Besides, with the mask, I’m not always sure it’s him 😉 (joke)

What is it like working with Steve Aoki and Dim Mak records?

Steve is our biggest fan and its mutual. He really gets it and it’s a pleasure and an honour.

Your sound seems to be a little bit harder and more aggressive than other acts.  What kinds of influences lead you to that distinct sound?

It’s because we come from hardcore punk, not house!

With the many techno/electro acts out there today, has the release of your new album Romborama helped to define your style and set you apart?

This is for others to say. All I can say is that it’s a very honest album and reflects what I’ve been doing and feeling over the last three months.

What do you hope listeners and concert-goers will take away from both your music and live performances?

Very very strong emotions

What’s the story behind the venom masks?

It comes from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, a 16th Century Venetian form of social satire in the theatre. They all wore masks on stage. Add Spiderman to the equation and you have the Bloody Beetroots. Masks create larger-than-life comic-book characters. It’s exciting.

Your fans in Los Angeles sorely missed you at HARD Summer this past August. How did not being able to play for them make you feel?

Hey…. it’s about doing what’s possible, too! Thanks for the kind words. I missed them too.

Hard Haunted Mansion is coming up in a little over a month.  What do you hope to bring to this show?

Expect the unexpected.

Bob Rifo is no doubt a very intriguing man. He brings a very unique aura to his music and shows that incorporates very different aspects of musical and artistic culture, from his interest in classical music, to his strong connection to hardcore punk, to even his adoration of comic books.  As far as having the stylistic vision to influence the electro genre, very few can measure up to Bob Rifo.

“Ill to Destroy (Bloody Beetroots Remix)”

Ill to Destroy (radio Mix Version_)