The Rave Debate: Interview With Brent Tuttle and Ryan Coghill

This past weekend we had the pleasure of interviewing the author of one of the most talked about Vista articles to be published this semester.  In his article , Brent Tuttle explained the feelings he held towards certain “ravers” and the rave culture.  The article itself was met with much backlash from some of the student population who believed that the language used to describe the ever-expanding counter culture was too strong and generalized.  With this interview, the radio station hoped to shed light on the subject and provide a different perspective to rave culture.  Here’s how it went.
The Interview

Read the original article from the Vista

While I had strongly disagreed with Brent’s original article, the interview definitely allowed some clarity to be brought to Brent’s position.  I ultimately agreed with his stance that certain members of the rave community are responsible for giving raves such a negative connotation, but at the same time I disagreed with the generalization that was made that grouped ordinary rave goers and electro fans with the heavy drug users that exist at the extreme.