Interview with David Dewaele of 2manyDjs/Soulwax by Ariel Coto



Hard Haunted Mansion was definitely one of the best electronic events of the Fall season.  With amazing DJs playing amazing sets, the two day event was more than enough to keep techno lovers jumping and dancing all night long.  While I was at the event, I was lucky enough to get an interview with  David Dewaele, a member of 2manyDJs and Soulwax.  I have been listening to these two electronic groups for years and getting an interview with them was a dream come true.  Here’s how most of it went:

Check out the HD Video version of the  Interview Here

How did you and your brother first get started moving towards the DJ genre?

Well Esteph has always been DJing since he was 12 or 13 and he was actually DJing with our drummer (from Soulwax).  But he moved to America and they had a few dates booked, this was in 1997.  So they had a few dates booked and Esteph asked me if I wanted to come and I stayed with him and thats it.

You guys are easily one of the best remix artists/ producers that I’ve ever seen.  When you put together a remix, what are you looking for in the song? Is there anything in particular you look for?

The song has to be already amazing so that we don’t have to do much.

Does being brothers affect the chemistry you guys have when you perform or produce?

Yeah, I guess.  I don’t know because I’ve never DJed really without him.  It’s not like I’ve had another DJ to work with but I guess it helps.

When you guys do tour, do you prefer playing as 2manyDjs or bringing the whole band as Soulwax?

What we’ve been doing the last two years is that we’ve done both.  (Esteph walks into the trailer)

What are you guys looking to bring to the show tonight? Anything different?

We are trying to bring……………….nothing.  Well, the visuals.

Are you looking to maybe trip some people out (joke) ?

Yeah maybe.  I’m very interested to see how this will go down.

As DJs you have very tough touring schedules.  How does tour life affect you?

It makes me grumpy.  It’s a very difficult question to answer because it affects us on so many levels.  But the way we do it is quite fun

From what I understand, the equipment you guys use entails live performances to  be very delicate processes.  How much preparation goes into a live set as opposed to a remix?

It’s very different.  For a live set we prepare a few weeks I guess.  For remixes, It’s just a matter of trying things and seeing what’s good.

2manyDJs, as you can see from reviews, put on the most eclectic and entertaining set of Hard Haunted Mansion’s Friday night.  These two DJs are hands down some of the hardest working and most creative DJs in the electronic scene.  From awesome remixes to insane live sets, David and his brother Esteph put forth some of the best electronic music around.  To see the entire interview on video scroll down and click on the link, but I must warn you, the sound quality fades in and out.