Interview: Sia Furler

Sia Furler

Australian songwriter Sia Furler phoned in to the studio for a quick interview. Following on the heels of her acclaimed 2008 album Some People Have Real Problems, Sia is releasing her new album, We Are Born, this April. Well into a musical career that has encompassed diverse genres, Sia shared with us that We Are Born allowed her to make the type of music she had been hoping to create for a long while.

In our conversation, Sia traced her route to fame, beginning with the jazz scene in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia. The wild ride that ensued afterwards led her to collaborate with artists like Massive Attack, Zero 7 and Jamiroquai. Fortunately for us listeners, her solo work blossomed soon after. In classic Oz fashion, Sia gave us a friendly, laid-back interview with some entertaining insight into the road that got her to next month’s We Are Born.

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