Interview with The Knee Highs


Today I had the pleasure of listening and speaking to “The Knee Highs”, a dope hip-hop group from sunny San Diego. Comprised of DJ Gar Gar, Will Billiams, Johnny Rooks, and Talls, “The Knee Highs” are able to combine different musical genres: hip-hop, jazz, rock into their own unique sound. Will Billiams, Johnny Rooks, and DJ Gar Gar, and Talls met while they were in high school. They first got started when Will Billiams and Johnny Rooks would write down rhymes to instrumentals they heard. They have played all around San Diego including San Diego State, University of San Diego, and other local venues. The issues in the interview ranged from learning about the meaning of “The Knee Highs” to artists that individually influenced them to their perspectives about the hip-hop scene in San Diego.

I would compare “The Knee Highs” to Jurassic 5 and Strange Fruit Project, so if you like either or both of those acts, you’re bound to enjoy what the “The Knee Highs” have to offer. Check them out on MySpace: I would highly recommend listening to “America’s Finest”, a tribute to the greatest city in the world: San Diego.

The Knee Highs