Is “indie supergroup” an oxymoron?

Is the mainstream getting you down? Consider checking out Middle Brother at UCSD’s The Loft April 8th.

According to their website, Middle Brother is: John McCauley, Taylor Goldsmith, and Matt Vasquez — or in other words, key members of Deer Tick, Dawes, and Delta Spirit. Or in other, OTHER words….indie supergroup v. 1.0.

And if you haven’t been to The Loft yet, you’re missing out. It’s a really rad venue on UCSD’s campus, complete with an art space, cafe (created by PB’s Zanzibar) and a wine/beer bar.

Tickets are only 13 bucks!


Middle Brother 5/13- The Loft @UCSD

Middle Brother 5/13- The Loft @UCSD